War Thunder – Naval Forces development

It seems that after the recent shitstorm brewed up by youtubers, Gaijoob finally turned on their receivers, instead of blaring their propaganda at full force. They kinda bought me with this article.


From the very beginning of War Thunder naval battles development we understood that it wouldn’t be easy since our game format is maximum realism on the one hand, and a dynamic game experience with short game sessions on the other. We also took into consideration that implementing different vehicle types in one battle is complicated when we are talking about naval battles, that is why the mosquito fleet was a logical decision. Battles involving these vessels were both dynamic and interesting.

The playtests we ran with your participation helped us a lot to identify the downsides of the gameplay as well as identifying a variety of bugs and errors, so we had to correct our plans. After analyzing your feedback we decided to focus on improvement in the gameplay and temporarily not to introduce new craft in the playtests until we had completed much of the improvements and tweaking.

As a result of the tests, we decided to implement specific improvements, tweak some mechanics or even sometimes completely rework the following.

Gun stabilization to compensate for sea motion

We took the decision to model the rocking effects on naval forces, as without them, the vessels would become “tanks on blue grass”. Additionally, in real combat craft there were various and multiple systems to compensate for any rocking during firing, including three-dimensional compensation. We did our best to model and simulate manual and automatic gun stabilization for War Thunder naval forces, in order to make them effective at striking any enemy affected by sea swell and rocking.

Damage system

We improved the damage system for War Thunder naval forces: even small patrol boats can contain multiple systems, for example, up to 10-20 firing points. This variety and complexity makes targeting the exact component on enemy vessel almost impossible due to the small comparative size of these items. This is why we organized components into groups, that could be targeted and damaged, and would be visible in the hit camera. Also, we decided to distance our naval forces from the logic we use in the ground force battles, that is a craft is counted as destroyed when you have lost your last crew member. In larger and even huge naval crews there are numerous issues that were pointed out by our players, when you had to find and knock out the very last sailor of the enemy vessel. In our new damage model when you disable one of the enemy compartments, you also disable part of the total crew, specifically the crew assigned to this compartment.

Controlling fire from guns of different calibres and purpose 

The multiple types of fire units using different calibres complicates reasonable aiming  and fire correction, it also forces a player to focus all his fire on a single target. This is why we plan to divide different purpose weaponry to different groups, and a player will be able to choose which ones he will control himself and which ones will be controlled automatically, taking players commands into account.

New vessel survivability mechanics

Repairs, fire extinguishing and reducing or stopping flooding: we plan to add more gameplay to these important actions rather than use the existing fully automatic process.

Smoke screens

Smaller vessels usually do not have serious armour protection that is why smoke screens play a vital role in increasing a craft’s survivability and more diverse gameplay. We already demonstrated the smokescreen mechanics during the April Fool’s event this year and we are working to integrate them into naval gameplay.

Other features

We also plan to change the torpedo aim logic and add lead indication.

As for the visuals we have added procedural destruction of the vessels – it is in the final testing stage at the moment. We also continuously improve the visuals of the craft, water and the environment.

Besides general gameplay improvement all these changes will let us add larger ships to the game.

And now some numbers – what has already been done and what you will be able to see in the nearest future.

At the moment we have the following things either ready or in development: 

  • Over 70 vessels of various classes from different nations are completely ready and around 20 more craft are currently in development.
  • 10 locations (both the one we have already shown and ones in development).
  • Gun stabilization systems.
  • Traversing torpedo tubes.
  • Procedural destruction of vessels.
  • New Damage Model mechanics.
  • Torpedo gyro correction.

10 thoughts on “War Thunder – Naval Forces development

  1. Meh, most of their players have a much bigger problem with WT fisherboat simulator: the fact that there aren’t any iconic ships aka, anythign bigger than a patrol boat.


    1. “From the very beginning of War Thunder naval battles development we understood that it wouldn’t be easy since our game format is maximum realism on the one hand, and a dynamic game experience with short game sessions on the other. ” I just don’t think it will work with large ships, not in an enjoyable format anyway.


    2. The problem is that realistic WW2 era naval battles were extremely boring. Guns were fired from beyond visual range and the dispersion at those ranges was so large that the entire effort was spent on ranging and leading the target, without any possibility of aiming at a specific part of a ship. It was a game of lottery where a lucky hit could sink a ship, or hundreds of rounds would fail to inflict any significant damage.

      The damage model would also be difficult to handle on large ships. A battleship is very difficult to sink, most of the lost major warships were scuttled by friendly-fired torpedoes to prevent capture. A torpedoes ship could take many hours before listing and sinking.

      A fully realistic naval battle would have you sail to the open sea and sending scouting planes to look for the enemy, then close in range and shoot towards the horizon without really ever seeing your target, you can’t dodge shells because the enemy dispersion is very bad and maneuvering would make your own guns unable to fire, Keep shooting for a while until you exhaust your ammunition or one side decides to retreat. Because of poor hitting chance, there’s little chance to destroy a retreating enemy.

      If you add in the real ship killer, aka planes, then navy battles become AA simulator.

      Look up historical naval battles, notice the length of a typical battle, and how ships were sunk, and you’ll understand why no one wants to do realistic naval battles.


        1. No he isn’t. I’ll say what i said to him, look it up. Spend some of your time to learn the facts and you’ll see why he’s not only wrong but completely clueless.


      1. I wish i had the time to give an answer to every single stupid thing you wrote here but i’ve got shit to do.

        So, i will only say this, get educated. If you’re too lazy to find and read books about WWI and WWII naval combat, then just look it up. Google is your best friend. The truth is out there.

        You really really really REALLY need to get educate on the matter and stop spreading the virus of ignorance.


      2. First of all, there were plenty of engagements that were at much closer range and/or which did not, or hardly, involve any aircraft. Even Operation Rheinübung, only involved a few aircraft, and one very lucky hit. Other than that, they were fought with guns.

        Second, there are several games out there that have somehow managed to be successful while simulating naval warfare. WoWs not in the last place. I totally disagree with the position that more realism = boring games. Even a turn based game like Atlantic Fleet can be engaging! But a middle ground between WoWs and something more like a simulator, such as Atlantic Fleet, could certainly be found. All Naval Forces is doing, is repeating the exercise. Excluding the (to many) most interesting ships, is a wrong decision. I for one haven’t even touched War Thunder more than once or twice since WoWs hit Closed Beta. I had hoped for Naval Forces to be some healthy competition, or even just plain better, but sadly, that is not the case, it has nothing that interests me at the moment. Neither game gets it right, in my opinion, so neither game gets my money..


  2. Please just cancel this turd, start from scratch on bigger stuff, all this is AA vehicles on boats. The big ships can and will work, they just need to stop being lazy


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