New WoT Console Map in Supertest

It is called Monte-Rosa. The Chicago developers plan to introduce this map in the Random Battles rotation, with a little rework of course. It will have all the three battle modes: Encounter, Assault and the normal one.


9 thoughts on “New WoT Console Map in Supertest


    How many maps we got in last 2 years? Like two? And latter one (paris) is fucking terrible, and Pilsen isnt really stellar either.

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    1. They also have pretty much every map that was removed from the PC version. I like playing on maps like hidden village or pearl river. Also lots of variations with snow, night or heavy weather that reduces viewrange (blizzard/ sandstorm).

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  2. Well well, props for the Console development yet again.

    Some might say sometimes there is quality in quantity. Except for PC development who herald “quality” by lacking quantity. Yet that level of “quality” is not reflected in the lacking lack of quantity.


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