Quickybaby: T10 Light Tanks are now Useless


75 thoughts on “Quickybaby: T10 Light Tanks are now Useless

    1. No, really. QB summed it up quite nicely with his video title (yeah, not clickbait at all) and that’s the impression you’ll come to after watching the video.

      So, until further changes, T10 mediums pretty much trounce lights.

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  1. Yeah…that was quite the slap down…all I can figure is that WG is determined to forge ahead with the new MM system and devil take the hindmost. Or, to put it another way, this demonstrates that the game is really about heavies and mediums and WG just lets other tanks play in it. To give WG a little due I don’t think that this was all just meant to be a big tease but that’s how it feels like.


    1. I’d rather expect a heavy-handed nerf to mediums in the near to medium future. This whole Sandbox Pt2 is just a rehash of Sandbox Pt1, except slower and more gradual.


    1. hey, its okay if the government sells your internet privacy and all your history to the highest bidder, nobody forces you to use the internet!

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  2. tl;dw: “I like playing this, buff it so it’s the best class in the game and I can shoot enemies without any retribution”


    1. More like “Tanks were previously well-balanced with a set of strengths and weaknesses that made it fun and interesting to play. Now there is literally nothing that they do that a medium tank doesn’t do as well or better.”

      Medium tanks have better gun handling, have better DPM and more ammo, are better armored, and nearly as mobile as the Tier 10 MTs. They’re also typically less than 5%% less stealthy when still, and only 20-25% less stealthy while moving. Face it- Tier X LTs are just slightly worse MTs.

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    2. Lol I’d like some of what you’re smoking. They were mediocre at best compared to tier 10 mediums and now they’re absolutely worthless. Lights shooting enemies without any retribution? Wtf have you even ever played WoT?

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    3. To long didnt read nya-chans comment:

      He is paid by wg and never criticizes ANY of their decisions even retarded ones like this.

      If this was my blog i would have already banned this shitlord


    1. “Hey you’re a scout class, but you have lower viewrange than your allies who are supposed to help you. Now go spot…oh look that BC already did your job.”
      I can almost see it: LT’s hard kemp bush with bino’s you are now forced to use, no more active scouting. Shit damage. No incentive to be active. Team kills because “you are lt go scout stop kemp hur durr i’ma heavy/med/td/arty”.
      Yeah such justified nerfs. You know what? No. Fuck you. Literally.

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    2. Did you watch the video? Really sounds like you did not, or maybe you watched 30 sec of it.
      The point is there is practically no reason to play LTs now as a mediums just outclass them in almost everything. And even before the second patch nerfs the LTs were not superior to mediums except for view range and camo. And the most baffling of most is they nerfed even the view range because 2.3% increase in combat characteristics from vents would apparently make them unbalanced.


    1. That’s just retarded. What’s the point of light tanks if medium tanks do EVERYTHING (even lights’ supposed role of scouting) better than the lights can?

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  3. The problem with the argument that a medium tank can do anything a scout can do is that your average medium driver doesn’t see spotting as their problem…only a dedicated scout driver is prepared to take the chances needed to get spots…a dedicated medium driver sees their job as conserving their hit points so as to maximize their damage done. Not casting blame, that’s just how it is.


    1. There’s an overlap in role…the question becomes what is the purpose of the medium tank…for the most part it’s now a TD in the vein of the old Hellcat when you get in the higher tiers.


      1. Well Yeah.
        For my opinion only tank that actually needed balancing was the T-100 LT. It was almost bit OP.
        The others didn’t need nerfing.


        1. Why do people think T100 was too good is beyond me. Yes, the platform was good (mobility, camo, low profile, somewhat bouncy armor), but the gun was trash, it had only -5 depression and unlike WZ the turret wasn’t that great. It didn’t have great viewrange either. It wasn’t the worst nor the best.

          But I guess everybody is brainwashed with russian bias shit that baddies are always saying, so russian = good even if it’s bad.


    1. I see a pattern here. QB is ready to criticise changes to the gameplay, such as light tanks overhaul. He was very negative about emblems and inscriptions giving bonuses to the crew also. In cases like this he can be very negative and vocal about it. And then, when it comes to single premium tanks he’s very apologetic and tries to present them as balanced regardless of how OP or UP they may be.

      And yeah, he’s totally right on this one. LT’s with the latest changes are crap.


  4. Hah is3 is so broken really, testing it on test server, the gun handling when brawling is better than on all tier 8 Hts it seem and that is with stock crew. Fucck WG balancing LUL!


    1. QB’s gameplay isn’t gameplay, is pray to god and hope 29 orange red dummies around you, so you can kill 8~15 of them . :)


    2. I don’t think the things he says on his channel sometimes are coming from the lack of common sense. It’s more of PR choice, it seems.

      And it also looks like he likes to be more honest when it comes to commenting on larger changes to the game play or game mechanics, compared to washed out reviews of some premium tanks.


      1. Pretty much. He isn’t paid by WG, but good state of the game helps him make more money. Think about it:
        -broken prems, he can say that they’re slightly OP, but he’ll never say they’re super broken and WG should nerf them or not add them into the game. Then he’ll stream the gameplay of the tank, make a review on YT = he’s getting views.
        – new LT’s. If they are gonna be complete shit, nobody is going to grind them and people will not be interested in LT content. LT’s are gonna be decent to good = he can stream LT techtrees and make LT YT reviews and people will watch.

        Really, good health of the game and a lot of content is something that’s good for him, since it means more pesos.


  5. The real problem is tier x medium tanks being super good choices for most things with awesome viewrange, good mobility and nice guns… They need to adjust them even a little to make room for light tanks in proper roles. currently the mediums have more or less the optimal amount of viewrange so scouts don’t benefit much from being better spotters which is kind of odd.
    Ofcourse teams should not be dependant on the the light tank viewrange but they still need the advantage…


  6. The thing is they’re not useless because of their stats ; but because of other classes’ stats. MTs make too good scouts already to hope for LTs to compete. Even HTs and TDs can almost spot for themselves…

    Also arty is as useless as LTs with 9.18 but no uniscum will talk about that because it’s not a class that can have the potential to carry a game. If they whine about LTs it’s because they want them as good as meds to dominate as easily. They want LTs to be offensive vehicles instead of the support/scout vehicle they are supposed to be.


    1. IMO wankers in arty will still enjoy arty because they will hit more often and still wreck tanks with low/no armor.

      On the other hand…..9.18s LTs didn’t improve to suit the game meta

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    2. Pretty sure what they’re wanting is for LTs to not be complete piles of shit. Which is the case now with the T10 LTs having literally no advantages over MTs. If an MT does EVERYTHING better than the LT, why would anybody ever play the LT?

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  7. Why does anyone listen to QB outside of advice for tier 6 and 7 MTs? He’s pretty bad when not in a Cromwell or Comet.


    1. QB is pretty bad? Coming form an NA sh*tter with 41k games and only 2.6k recent that’s bold talk sonny. Really really cute…. Lmfao….


  8. They need to rework the maps in order for the light tanks to be called superior to medium tanks. At this stage there is no map that lets you exploit a better view range (at max. view range) in a light tank opposed to a medium tank, and along with this fact there is the fact that on ANY map in WoT there is a path that allows a tank to reach the enemy base that cancels view range superiority.

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    1. I admit the first 5 minutes of the video, where he explains why he dislikes the changes, are well thought out, and i hate QB, so this is hard for me to say.

      But what no one has explained to me is why view range matters in games with small maps, corridor maps, and a too-small render range anyways.

      Tier 10 LTs and MTs are gonna have thru the roof view ranges… that wont matter because of the maps we have and the render range limit built into the engine.

      Give them 1000m view range, still cant see thru a mountain, and everyone knows the enemy is coming from either far left, right, or mid.

      The maps we actually play on make this entire stat comparison he does moot.


  9. Why would LTs be superior to MTs? I don’t get it. Top tier MTs are,for the most part, MBTs which are supposed to be good at everything and that’s why they are represented in such a way in the game.

    As for LTs being “useless”…well i think that’s a problem of the current structure of the game as a whole not just the class itself.

    As it is you have a certain number of corridors and LTs don’t like to get ambushed or wait for MTs and HTs to clear the way.If the maps allowed LTs to move around a bit more they would perform much better.


    1. The things is not about LTs being superior but LTs being inferior is every single way except for mobility, and in some cases there are meds out there being better at it too. And we are talking about the same tier tanks comparison.

      So yeah, if mediums can do everything that lights can, and on top of that are better in other departments too, that makes lights redundant aka useless.


      1. They are supposed to be that way, it’s the nature of those vehicles.Nobody in his right mind would ask for LTs to be equal to MTs which,again, are essentially MBTs,designed to excel at everything.

        LTs are not useless, they have several advantages but they’re not obvious because the current form of the maps in the game doesn’t allow you to use them the way they should be used on the battlefield.

        There’s no freedom of movement. That’s the problem. There are no alternative routes,there is no room for smart play,for improvisation,for out of the box thinking (which is what LTs demand to be effective).

        You get several corridors, from which you have to go through to reach SPGs or get behind TDs etc etc. You can’t get through there right now without getting spotted and blown to pieces.

        Look at WoWS. DDs would be useless if the maps were corridors. Cruisers are better in every aspect except for camouflage. Top speed and agility is very close in some cases.

        Still, DDs are effective, very effective. Why? Because there’s room to move around. You can literally sneak your way into the enemy base and cause mass panic. You can go behind enemy lines and raise hell. Can you do that in WoT? Nope. That’s what LTs are missing there.The freedom to do what they’re supposed to do.

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        1. “They are supposed to be that way”

          So what your argument is. LT’s are shit, but that’s only because of map pool/meta. So they should continue being shit because they are balanced in alternative world with different mappool/meta.

          That’s not how it should work. They should be rebalanced to be competitive on current live server. When I say competitive, that means having similar impact in the game to all other classes, in other words similar winrate. Just because something is labeled as “support” doesn’t mean it should be bad/underpowered. All it means is it contributes in different ways/does DMG differently than frontline tanks.

          IF meta/mappool changes and LT suddenly become too OP, they should be nerfed. Until then, they should be buffed until they can influence the game as much as heavy tanks/medium tanks.


        2. Agreed. A lot of the maps we play on were built around the premise to use corridors to make players feel safe from flanking, they wanted to reduce the players getting frustrated by getting hit from many directions at once. They wanted to make game-play less punishing for players.

          By doing this they pretty much killed the flanking tanks in this game, from any class, but lights suffered the worst.

          They recently admitted to this poor design philosophy in one of the NA WOT discussions.


  10. I agrre with QB, that LT will be useless.

    I don’t care about less damge and penetration. I think they should be not as good as a MT. But I think, LT should be able to be a good scout. Without Viewrange, LT’s are a piece of shit. I do they same. Maybe play my Tier 9 Scouts. But I don’t care about a Tier 10 or wasting credits for them.

    The arguments of WG, that you can push the view range, are boring. In the past I did a test. E 100 with Optics, skilled view range, against my amx 1390 with optics and skilled camo crew. On an open field I saw the E 100 something around 10 m. earlier.
    With the new patch amx 1390 with 380 m and 13 105 with 390 m is ridiculous. and a 3 shell gun is crappy. should be 4.

    Maybe just the US LT with 420 m view range is acceptable.

    But no probs, I own enough MT and maybe on live server, they will play better than i expected or hopefully WG rethink the view range.


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