WoWS: [0.6.4 PT] Datamined Changes

Thanks to jacquesbsj

Turret travese: (In degrees per second, just divide 180 per those numbers and get the values in seconds like in game):

  • Mutsuki stock from 6 to 7
  • Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kagerou from 6 to 6.9
  • Mogami 155 from 3.5 to 5 (Mogami is back!)
  • Fubuki from 6 to 6.9
  • Yuugumo, Shimakaze from 7 to 7.9

Other changes:

  • Khabarosvk rudder shift changed from 8.025 to 14.5 (in game it says 11.1 seconds from 6.1 in 0.6.3)
  • New Orleans base concealment from 12.42 to 11.82km
  • König sigma from 2.0 to 1.8
  • Kaga and Hood added
  • Tons of changes to the “false Isokaze”, a disabled ship, not sure why, maybe a new tier 4 IJN premium DD?

And remember, those things are subject to change!


6 thoughts on “WoWS: [0.6.4 PT] Datamined Changes

  1. Nerf Konig?? Why?? Is that Flamu showed how well sigma 2.0 is and now you have to remove it?? WTF i’ll keep the Káiser Esther that this


  2. Just to point something out, the rudder shift time on stats sheet like these and ingame aren’t the same.
    They correlate, but can’t be taken at face value.

    That being said, the Kebab is still getting quite the nerf. Which will change nothing, as there’s literally no reason not to get the rudder shift module on it over the concealment module.


    1. Also, I might just get the Mogami back.
      36 seconds of turret rotation? Lovely.
      Well, not really, but it’s a hell of alot better than her current 51.


  3. its getting better and better New Orleans now also have just 100m gap between detection and radar range on concealment build.

    Konig nerf seems to be justified when compared to other tier 5 BB, but still tier 5 is just…, they really need something to fix tier 5 and 6…


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