WoT Sandbox: Frontline gamemode

(from EU portal)

You’ve been asking us to inject new life into gameplay with larger teams, bigger maps, and new combat setups for a while now. We’ve been working on a mode like this for a while now, and today, we are thrilled to finally reveal it to you. It’s called Frontline and is making its way into the Sandbox test server on April 10, inviting you to test large-scale combat with a set of new mechanics, objectives, and more.


Frontline is going to be 30v30, with five-man-strong Platoons, all fighting in Tier X vehicles (medium/heavy tanks, TDs and arty) and Tier VIII light tanks. The latter is a temporary restriction caused by the technical nuances of testing. Eventually, the mode will switch to Tier X vehicles of all classes. And there’s no way on earth you could fit them all on a 1 km2 map. So, we’re introducing 9 km2 battlegrounds, divided into nine sectors, with one side playing in attack and the other in defense. Each stage unfolds on a certain territory. In attack, you are fighting for control over it. In defense, you’re tasked with preventing enemies from capturing it.

This is just a quick sneak peek of the new mode. We’re saving a few tidbits for the big announcement on the Sandbox Blog. Head over there to read up on Frontline gameplay mechanics, victory conditions, and more when the test begins on April 10:

To make this mode happen without hampering the work on the game’s core elements, we teamed up with Austrian game developers Bongfish. The instant chemistry between our devs and the guys from Bongfish flourished into a remarkable partnership. They worked on Frontline under our guidance, while our in-house development team focused on fine-tuning game balance, revising the matchmaker, fixing SPG gameplay, and evolving the game’s graphics.


12 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox: Frontline gamemode

  1. Seems stupid to test it with T8 lights when they want to use T10 lights.
    Can’t see why they wouldn’t wait and test it properly.


    1. 9.18 is still in CT. It makes sense to implement the testing of the gamemode on a older and possibly more stable version of the game.


  2. Any information whether this new mode will be exclusive for tier X, or whether it is intended to be implemented on lower tiers as well.

    If the former I recon this mode will be doomed from the get go.

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    1. They are trying to lure people into playing a creditsink mode (TX with respawn) to make players buy more premium time.

      But people don’t simply throw money at WG, stop playing the mode and it dies. Then WG devs wonder why…..


    1. Sounds like good enough to make me try Wot again after 2 years of playing Wows.
      Maybe this game will be playable again?


  3. 9.18 is clearly Pay-to-Win. Game changes almost make premium a must – premium ammo, premium consumables, premium tanks. If 9.18 is released as is it will kill the game long before this mode is ready to go live because it is clearly pay-to-win. Pay-to-win games die. This mode looks likely to be the nail in the coffin because it also drives pay-to-win.

    Why can’t they just put the effort into making the current maps better and less corridor in nature? We’ve been told for years that they are limited in the size they can make maps. Has this all been a lie?


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