WoT – Update 9.18 Common Test review

At 0:13, the Object 257 appears


21 thoughts on “WoT – Update 9.18 Common Test review

    Btw, go fuck urself wg for nerfing e50ms upper plate angles…srsly…go fuck urself u fucking dipshits..


  2. Logged on CT to have a quick view and I like the new HD models, of lights and reworks.

    One thing I noticed though, as I enjoyed playing Chinese meds before the shot distribution adjustment of 9.6.
    Looking at the upcoming Chinese lights from tier 6 to 8, I see no reason anymore why anyone would play the medium line, tier for tier, to get up the Chinese tech tree.

    All the new stuff is nice though, just wish WG would do the all in one for once and not spread stuff like balancing out over months.


      1. IMHO, with pre 9.6 shot distribution, YES I would have agreed the 34-1 was “perfectly” fine!

        Though in current meta over the past 2 years, it’s 100mm 2.9 sec base aimtime (+ bad dispersion values & mediocre acc) has become a very painful combination and more of a frustration to play.
        In that regard, the only quality of life adjustment I’d like to see is an aim time buff by ~6-7%, to 2.7 seconds.
        Bringing it more in line with the tier 7 Soviet and the Czech 100mm, but still worse then them.

        In comparison what I would now call “perfectly fine” as a tier 7 med, the VK30.02D:
        good dpm (to offset the mediocre pen) , good alpha, adequate acc and dispersion, adequate gun depression, workable hull armor + mantled, good module HP and very good mobility.

        Though I’m still not doing ‘bad-bad’ in it, even with BiA, but I wouldn’t not call it perfectly fine currently.


    1. No. Relying on someone with light to win on certain maps is silly. What if you get retard in light or something? One tank shouldnt be direct win condition.

      They tested it. It didnt work well at all

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      1. As it is right now, there’s no difference between LTs and MTs. The MTs are better at everything because they have the same view range, more health and better damage input. So why would I pick a LT in my CW team? What’s the role of these tier 10 LTs? The most used MTs at tier 10 are BC, TVP, rus hover tanks. What can the LTs do better than those meds?


    2. If you start nerfing VR, you’ll fuck up the balance even more. Nerf VR of mediums, and naturally you need to nerf VR of heavies aswell. Heavies become HP piňata on open maps. TD viewrange would have to be nerfed drastically, because they usually sit on a redline in a bush with camonet and binocs. That means they’d still outspot even lights (lights usually suicide at the start of the battle), unless you drop their VR crazy low, below 300m mark. At which point, their VR starts being a problem even on enclosed maps and on any open map where there isn’t shitload of bushes.. Hooray, even move rock/paper/scissors balancing.

      Current LT’s as they are on CT need more HP (so you don’t have to be afraid of being oneshot by a TD or clipped by autoloader) and more accuracy on their guns, so they can actually use their mobility and camo to camosnipe (and please don’t give me the “BUT BUT LT’S SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SNIPE”, I’m talking about mid to late game, where you use your mobility to flank targets and shoot them in their sides while staying out of their VR, right now you can’t hit shit with .42 accuracy).

      You can’t make them equal or better than mediums on current mappool without overbuffing their guns. Best solution would be to rework the maps so they aren’t trash and every class can do something. That seems too hard for WG though.
      Also, LT positions get countered after a while, because they are predictable and people simply position themselves to deny those positions to you, because the same thing happens almost everytime, it’s easy to learn how to counter it and it’s easy DMG and kills for your regular pubbie.

      For example, climbing hill on cliff. Some time ago, I used to go to the lighthouse every battle on cliff. Now? I try to go up, there are 2 tanks proxyspotting me and 3 TD’s, 2 HT’s and 2 MT’s preaimed on me.


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