WoT: NA April Overview

Source: Official Portal


TOG IIs are overwhelming battles on April 1! You’ve been warned.

Premium Tank Sales

Find fun Premium tanks in the Shop this month, including one brand-new and another that hasn’t been seen in forever!

Tank Rewards

Grab your closest friends or make some new ones with Platoon-based missions in this season of TankRewards!
Starts April 12

Weekend Specials

Play for extraordinary XP bonuses on weekends!

  • Apr. 1-3: x2 Crew XP
  • Apr. 7-13: WoT 6th Anniversary Specials
  • Apr. 14-17: x2 Crew XP
  • Apr. 21-24: x3 XP
  • Apr. 28 – May 2: Labor Day Weekend

Tank Mastery

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge* on the featured tanks to unlock a special mastery emblem!

On Track

Get discounts and bonuses to help you reach these tier Xs!


10 thoughts on “WoT: NA April Overview

  1. Ummmm seb there is a slight problem with this article. The object 261 is not a HEAVY it’s the arty. You have it listed as HEAVY. Just wanted to let you know.


    1. T-34-85M is actually pretty ridiculous now that it’s been buffed. You get a slightly slower Rudy/T-34-85 with a lot more armour and more DPM.


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