Q&A – 29th March 2017

From the private forum of WoT Community Contributors. Nice job hiding such valuable info from your players, WG.



29 thoughts on “Q&A – 29th March 2017

    1. Yea its not right.Its just about the money.But i only heard about the game in 2014 so never had chance to buy it.This tank will lose its rareness now i only met it in 1 battle so far.I got rekt ofc didnt know where to shoot.:)Although i want the tank the promise was made.There will be much rage about this


      1. ive played 31k games in in total over that many games i have seen a total of 4 thats it so this tank is rare to the point of it being practically non existent


    1. Same. I did not get the Mutant 6 way back.
      I haven’t seen so many Pz V/IV’s ingame either.
      Except when playing 1 myself.


    1. From looking it up in Tanks.gg, the armour seems comparable to AMX M4 49 (Liberte) and it lacks that huge cupola (it has a small one). Top speed are worse, but terrain resistances (except for soft) are better which gives it nice acceleration. Accuracy is also bad at .42, but at least it’s aimtime isn’t the 2.9s of the AMX. DPM is about 100 lower than AMX but it does 10 more damage. Penetration is also worse since it’s the T29/T32 gun with 198mm penetration.


      It has limited MM, according to the Wiki.


    2. Originally, it was garbage. Then they fixed the armor model to remove the hit boxes behind the front sprockets so at least someone tracking you from the front wouldn’t also deal damage. It stayed mildly crappy for the next few years, but I maintained it would be OK-to-good if it got pref MM. And it did! And it was indeed OK. And THEN it got the HD remodel, and it was EPIC! No frontal weak spots (OK, the roof if you’re higher, but that is NOT happening on level ground, and the turret ring if you’re really close, really accurate, or really lucky), and a lower plat about as thick as the upper. It was a go-to tank for tier 8 Strongholds/CW for a while. I know, right? Who would have thought? (Certainly not anyone who owned it for the first six months of the game, let me tell you!) But then, power creep happened. The AMX premium and Skorpion G came out, and suddenly tier 8 was full of tanks that could pen our fronts without gold ammo (and easily with it, even if we angled). And then the 252/Defender happened, and tier 8 was full of tanks we couldn’t pen even WITH gold ammo! (Don’t tell me “Flank it!” unless you’ve driven a mutant. It can flank a T95. Maybe. If the T95 is on soft ground.) So now it’s an OK credit earner (good if you don’t have to shoot much APCR, break-even at 80% APCR, much like the IS-6) that’s fun to troll IS-3s and the like. If you get a city map it’s still REALLY good. Sand River or Malinovka with 3 arty and it’s really bad. Overall, unless the package has some good stuff, it’s not worth $90. Remember, those of us who have it paid $90 for $100 in gold that happened to come with a free Mutant. It’s cool, it’s (been) rare as hell, but it’s not as good as it was last year.


    1. I hope it’s not camo. Mine’s all dressed up in CW reward camo. I’d rather have an extra 20mm of anti-Defender penetration.


  1. does this thing have prem mm? i really have no clue i think ive seen 4 total over 31k games. although i would have preferred to see the pz5/4 or the m4a2e4 personally.


        1. Stupidly OP. They made it tier 5 while also keeping it’s preferential MM even though it’s mobile, heavily armoured hull for a medium and has a decent gun for the tier with incredible handling.


      1. I wouldn’t say “garbage.” It’s no more than OK, but its earnings let you carry a LOT of APCR. Think of it as a faster T14 — they have the same gun, and the E4’s frontal armor is surprisingly good against lower- and same-tier tanks. It’s crap against higher tiers, but so is the T14. :)


  2. So what he is saying I want more money so let me pull out all of the stops and milk this shit for all it’s worth. Kind of sad, I really want the lorraine 40t.


  3. I’m not gonna buy it. As it will be more common then a Tiger II now. And WG is showing yet again, that there is no point buying anything “rare”. As it won’t be rare for long. They wrecked the rare low tiers. And I’m sure the A-32 is next? As the only rare tank left if that and the Beta reward tank now. They milked everything else. And they will milk this again I’m sure. It will appear again, so don’t worry about it.


      1. Nope, T-44-122. One of the T-44 prototypes along with T-44-85, distinguishable by the driver hatch. It’s a premium exclusive to the Supertesters, just as ISU-130 is exclusive to WG staff.


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