Supertest: WZ-120-1G FT (Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures)

Tier 8 Chinese Premium TD.

WZ-120-1G FT was developed on the basis of the medium tank Type 59 which was adopted into service in 1959. The TD actually never existed.


Tier: TD-8, China, premium
HP: 1100
Engine: 580 hp
Mass: 36 t
Power-to-weight: 16,11 hp / t
Max speed: 50 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 42 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,151 / 1,918
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 600 m

Hull armor: 120 / 80 / 45 mm

Gun: 122 mm 60-122TG FT A

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 248 / 330 / 61 mm
Rate Of Fire: 6,385 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2809,3
Reload time: 9,397 s
Accuracy: 0,355
Aiming time: 2,78 s
Depression: -6 degrees

4 crew members.

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:



41 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-120-1G FT (Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures)

    1. SU-101 has 3k base DPM, AT-15 has 2,9k base DPM, JT 8,8 has 2,8k DPM and pref MM, Borsig has 2,7k DPM and a turret, T28 has 2,8k DPM.

      Somehow i didn’t get the memo about DPM being the only relevant stat….

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      1. SU-101 has 3k base DPM…with 200mm penetration and 300 alpha.
        Same deal with JT88, and RHM pays that DPM with paper thin armor that HE penetrates.

        This is 3k dpm with 440 alpha and 248mm of pen on a quick and relatively small chassis with enough frontal armor to stop a lot of smaller guns of tier8.

        That’s not just a subtle nuance.


        1. “This is 3k dpm with 440 alpha and 248mm of pen on a quick and relatively small chassis with enough frontal armor to stop a lot of smaller guns of tier8.”

          That’s a nice description, 2,8k DPM but that’s just a detail. Also LFP seems to be much weaker and not really resistant to T8 guns. Let me give you one aswell though:

          -2,4k base DPM with 400 alpha, 257mm of pen with 325mm APCR that can butter through just about anything, .32 accuracy, on decently quick platform with 230mm of effective armor on the front.

          You know which tank that is? It’s AMX AC48. And while it looks good on paper, it’s shit because no gun arc, no gun depression, armor has weakspots – you can’t play aggressively (same as this WZ looks), and shit gun handling because trash aimtime and need to reaim every time because of narrow gun arc so sniping is not too effective (same as this WZ, except this has even worse accuracy and worse shells).

          Now, sure, this WZ is smaller, weakspots are smaller (although LFP is still reasonably big), will be a bit faster, and gun is better in some respects (worse in others).
          That still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a casemate TD with trash arcs and depression and not enough armor and HP to withstand punishment. It’ll be bad everywhere where you can’t fire continuously without being spotted down a long lanes/corridors, which is most positions on most maps.

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          1. AMX AC48 also has extremely weak roof armor that can be overmatched by almost everything, and crap on the roof that even HE can penetrate.

            Oh, and one of the two gunners (lulz) is on one of those roof tumors, so you will lose one of the gunners every single match.

            So no, still not the same.
            WZ is smaller, better armored, less weakspots, no insanely easy to hit crew quasi-literally unprotected and sticking out of the tank, and doesn’t have an innate weakness to HE.
            Oh, and it have more gun depression.

            So no, still no comparable.
            Your closest comparison is a tank twice as big and thrice as squishy, with a gun that’s basically on par.

            Not exactly proving a point there.


  1. I will say this: from all the post I have made: I never complain in that rare guy that gives everything a try….but this is taking it to far. I can accept vehicles that come from paper and blueprints and idea drawings like for example the US TD T4,( is not in game) but to come out with something 100% of there asses is just wrong.


    1. Nothing new really, plenty of tanks in the game that are pure fabrications. I think it necessary for a Nation tree which hasn’t been touched since it came out.


  2. Weren’t these going to be restricted to the Chinese servers only?

    Besides that, what are the depression and angle values of this TD?

    DPM is IMO a bit much for at tier 8 though, but heck, that seems to be Wargamings ‘new standard’ now a days anyway.


    1. I had basically the same thought, but the extra 73mm of pen is a *huge* difference. 122-44 can struggle to make its DPM effective with its shit pen and poor accuracy. This thing, perhaps not so much.


  3. how many times this thing’s blueprint gotta be posted for idiots? so far I see 3 complete idiots and 1 asking if it is

    a general forum like this is filled with brainless shitters I guess lmao


      1. I honestly don’t care what you think or not think is historical or constitutes factory blueprint, WG or indeed the game gains nothing from getting your approval.

        I’m supposed to take the words of someone else when it comes to czech tanks that blueprints are in the archives, but not the chinese? Why the double standard? And the complete fakes in the game, not even the plausible ones, I mean the completely stupid ones like the jap heavies. Oh and let’s just put a 15cm ship gun on there, that’s totally historical. Here’s a drawing of a vehicle that I see, posted by serb in the past, do you see a drawing for a type 5 heavy carrying a 15cm naval gun?

        Please, any sense of history has flown the coop long time ago. And if the only thing backing up your opinion is you don’t trust Khongzhong, I could fking care less cus that proves nothing.


        1. Double standard? Chingchongkhongzhong is a company renowned for fabricating fake news in China.

          Everything they put out should be taken with a pinch, no, truckload of salt.


          1. Lmao

            I think when you try to sound off like you know something, you probably shouldn’t use racial slurs eh? Like, don’t commit character suicide?

            But hey this is the internet dumpster where every nobody can say anything and cynicism is the rule.


            1. Your reply is so ironic it hurts.

              To add: Putting information watchdog behaviour and the subsequent fact-checking away as cynicism is quite a bit more character killing than a little joke.

              But heck I’m just a cynical nobody and you’re obviously the guy who has this all figured out ;) .


        2. You can be skeptical of Czechoslovakian vehicles, but i’ll let you know that their legitimacy is supported by a wide range of reputable authors. Not just Silent Stalker.

          I absolutley despise the Japanese heavies. afaik, they were implemented because of 2-3 people proposed them. Hell, a lot of the blueprints don’t even match the ones we have in WoT.

          Kongzhong has shown themselves to be untrustworthy. The 121 with the 105mm L7, a gun China obtained on the 80’s paired with a tank from the 60’s. The 59-Patton is impossible. It’s all unsubstantiated.

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          1. So your measure of reputable is one guy trusted by someone you know from the internet. Okay, I’ll go with it, nevermind that SS is heavily vested in getting a czech tree into the game. Czech line is half historical, a copy, and rest I gotta trust someone’s word that somebody back then drew them up. I gotta ignore the fact that blueprints don’t have to deal with all the issues of tank building IRL, like if it actually drives, if it actually fires, etc. I ignore all that.

            Now Kongzhong, from what I’ve seen, pulls some shenanigans with the sell everything ingame. But what’s the issue with 121 + L7? Does 121 drive? L7 fire? So if you make allowances for blueprint for basically the entire functionality of the tank, why do you have issue with 121 + L7 for the purpose of this game?

            Should we keep being realistic, and have the reload time double after firing all the rounds on the rack, loader has to reach into storage for more rounds? Nobody wants that, you don’t want that. So if you’re trying to hold something up the a standard of realism, your entire base unravels.

            Or just realize that things don’t all fit into tiers 1-10, WG is trying their best to balance all aspects of history, game, business, etc., and have some fun.


            1. You just completely ignored what I just said. I said basically said that those Czech tanks are not just supported by SS but by numerous other reputatable authors

              WG has screwed up balancing tanks by making it unhistorical a hell of a bunch of times


              1. I’ve said all I came to say.

                For all this talk of being realistic, I’m the one that stresses sense and remember what this is.

                A game. The moment I stop playing, none of it will matter.


            2. BTW I’m responding to SovietTenkDestroyer cus he’s got an argument. At minimum he puts forward his reasoning (although an oft repeated one), and the topic is discussed.

              The rest of you cynical introverts do none of that, are just a simple mob I have no need to respond to. And in this game, red shitter mobs get completely obliterated no matter the number by goods like me. That’s why I love this game.


  4. Victor: we need more money, wat do we need to do.

    WG staff 1: HD maps for all

    WG staff2: Discount on prem accounts.

    KZ: make a t8 Chinese TD with strong stats.

    ** Everyone in WG and KZ gets their vodka out and celebrate **


  5. Some people are specific to the country

    Talk about a pile of nonsense

    China TD also will be someone to play


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