T25 Pilot Number One – Day 12

Mission for today: win 10 battles and be in top 5 XP. Reward is a 50% extra combat experience reserve for 1 hour.

Good luck!

And for the overview:

  1. Easy: Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Easy: Kill 10 tanks
  3. Easy: Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Easy: Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Medium: Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Medium Hard: Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Hard: Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
  8. Hard: Win 10 battles, be in top 3  XP
  9. Easy: Play a battle where you are top damage
  10. Hard: Win 10 battle, be in top 3 damage
  11. Medium Hard: Cause 50,000 damage

15 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number One – Day 12

    1. Yeah i’ll say. Yesterday was an extra garage slot and today is a reserve??????? Today seems a little harder than yesterday kind of an odd way to go about it

  1. Medium level of difficulty, hard would have been to be top3

    Best seem Tier 5-6 for this or whatever tank you have fully researched, fully equipped, crew at least with 1st skills. And also if statistics says you win more than 50% then you should go for it.

  2. Does anyone know where do i see how many token i have
    I know i only missed 1 mission, so i have to have 10. But i cannot find them

    1. ingame at the mission thb there is a counter for how many you still have to earn
      it’s on a brown background.

    1. Get a valentine II for 500 gold and you do it in 10 battles.
      Tank is always toptier, and top 5 is rather easy when toptier (much easier than top 3).
      The hard part is winning, and with Valentine/PzB2 which are very strong and always toptier you can have a big impact on the battle and do affect the win chances.

  3. I grit my teeth and even when I wasn’t playing very well ground out yesterday’s mission and now have the prize in my garage…good luck too those of you still trying to cheap it out!

  4. 18 games; mission complete. The people online are the absolute worst you can imagine at the moment. All traces of brain are completely lost.

    Played Churchill III (XP multiplier built in) and VK30.02M (lovely tank); finished with Type 64.

  5. Did it in 25 battles (16 wins), again Defender helped me get mission done.

  6. Got a Master on my T67 today, did not mean to sealclub too much but I wanted to get the 10 wins quickly!

    1. I agree on the T67 choice. It is so underestimated its easy to get away with this many wins.

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