On Expected Patch Announcement

The 9.18 public test is expected to start on 30th March, as was already known. However, this week a patch was supposed to hit ST, which will not happen though. Everyone will be able to try out the new patch next week. Quite a strange and sudden decision. This is probably connected to the test of the 3 things which shouldn’t even be pronounced together – tier 10 LT’s, 3 SPG limit per team and part of the new matchmaker. Many bugs and server crashes are expected.

18 thoughts on “On Expected Patch Announcement

  1. I’m a bit confused on the wording. So the patch is skipping ST and being applied directly to the public test?

    1. It shouldn’t be, the 3-5-7 MM is a better system than current ‘bottom-tier is shit all the time’.

      My only concern to 3-5-7 is having 3 top tier paper armor tanks against 3 Maus/IS-7 then problem is not solved, which it’s existing today.

  2. I can feel it will be messy on testing the new MM with PTS. If the 3-5-7 format is the new rule and PTS is flooded with t10 noobs, nothing can be test other than the live client

      1. Unless they can persuade people to use t8s and facing t10 game every time. I doubt it will be working as intended

        1. Especially considering all tier 8’s are crap compared to tier 9’s and 10’s (excluding patriot, liberte and defender).

          T67 and T127 for me.

  3. Lol.

    At some point they will understand that Common Test is not a place where tests have a meaning. The only thing that can be tested here is how players react to a patch.
    I think we clearly saw that with 9.17.1 : they tested the patch for almost a month and it was good enough to go live, then 3 days only after it went live WG already said Maus was overperforming… After almost a month of testing they couldnt see that before…

    Out of these changes :
    -they wont be able to test how the new LTs perform against lower tiers (spoiler : tier X LTs are too strong)
    -they wont be able to test the new MM (actualy they can test their “special situation” where MM can throw almost 15v15 of the same tier…)
    -they wont be able to properly test the arty changes and how it really affects MM and missions, because the number of people playing arty on test servers is way higher than on live server, and nobody is playing for personal missions there

    They want to skip the ST to throw the patch directly into the useless CT (community approval phase). At worse they will have to spam is with micropatches because balance will break, at best they’ll have to focus 9.19 on fixing 9.18 instead of adding new content. If there is one thing that was worth testing on sandbox because it is a significant change, its the new MM.

    1. See the thing is the people testing 9.17.1 said the Maus was too strong, it was WGs failing to not listen to that feedback, not the testing process.

      Also how are tier 10 lights too strong? Yeah they can outspot things but have fun trying to hit anything at ranges where you’re unspotted with .4 accuracy.

    2. Didn’t notice anyone playing on sandbox saying that LTs are overpowered, especially now that Russian and German ones got nerfed. Also, I can’t see how a tier 8 tank is getting rekt faster by tier X lt than by t62a. These tanks will be gimmicks, gimped mediums for those who don’t trust armor. Like me. Only thing is, Leopard 1 will now me even more useless.

  4. I’m not so happy about the 3-5-7 MM. The plan sounds legit, it also sounds fine in the first place. Oh yeah, I don’t feel lonely as Tier8 in a Tier10 match from now on. But the downsites are – that the battle results just depends on the skill of your Tier10. When you have shit Tier10 (Which I see tons of every evening where you ask yourself how these apes with no brain ever made it to Tier10) the enemy will just face-roll your tier8 tanks. But lets see how you like it after a couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

    1. Tier IX tanks are usually gimped tier Xs, with same gun hard stats but usually worse aiming times, reloads, dispersions on the move etc. It’s going to be a lot easier carrying 3 tomato tier Xs than to carry 7 of them.

    2. Yeah, I always wonder how you could still be a tomato after 10k battles and how you get to Tier X without skill. Guess it’s a matter of patience and gold… πŸ˜‰

      But besides that, I don’t get how it is fun to play Tier X if you are so fucking bad. Some players don’t even manage to get two hits of average damage with a Tier X tank. Those kind of players on top tier will ruin your games, but hey, it will always be like that. Even with the current mm.

      1. I’ve seen Tier X players I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes. Oh the horror, the horror…

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