T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 9

Today’s mission is suspiciously easy after the weekend rage: be on the top of your team on damage done. As usual tier IV-X.

Reward: 50,000 Credits and a large repair kit.

I guess WG saw a lot of people drop out after the Friday-Sunday missions. Maybe this is a way to get people back on board.

Reminder of what we had:

  1. Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Kill 10 tanks
  3. Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
  8. Win 10 battles, be in top 3  XP