T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 9

Today’s mission is suspiciously easy after the weekend rage: be on the top of your team on damage done. As usual tier IV-X.

Reward: 50,000 Credits and a large repair kit.

I guess WG saw a lot of people drop out after the Friday-Sunday missions. Maybe this is a way to get people back on board.

Reminder of what we had:

  1. Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Kill 10 tanks
  3. Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
  8. Win 10 battles, be in top 3  XP

28 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 9

  1. Yep, you don;t even need to win the battle
    So maybe you can kill all your m8s and then make a shot with the enemy and you win? :)


  2. Weekend : “ruin your rest days fighting against RNG, MM and retards for hours and hours”

    Week : “start a battle and don’t suck”

    I suppose they understand that people do not have as much time during week days as they have during weekends. I hope so at least because it would mean that we shouldn’t have too much problems until next weekend. I’m not ready to spend another afternoon for a single mission even if it means a free tier 8 ; and I’m not ready to pay for a bad tier 7 TD up-levelled to tier 8 MT even if it has premium status.

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  3. Did it in my second game in a kv-220 :P

    I’m glad that it was this easy, yesterday’s mission was infuriating.

    I managed to do it on my account in a few hours which was ok, but then I also wanted to do it on my father’s account too so he could get the extra garage slot. It just took forever, most of my best games were all defeats, a lot of times the teams were a disaster or very aggressive and would win before I could meet enough enemy tanks.

    I hope they’re done with those kind of missions


  4. Yesterday I couldn’t even get 1 of the 10 missions: or I lost the game (being, of course, top 3) or I was the only low tier in the game (playing HTs, I don’t have a lot of vehicles). I’m not the only one: some mates had the same problem… Even worse (+40 battles and didn’t get it even once…)

    Surprisingly easy imo. I left 2 missions, hope I can get the tank for free…

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  5. This a relief…I played 45 games yesterday and apart from the times I tried a Tier-X tank (about 5) I was top tier less than five times.


    1. Playing against t67s with 5 perk crews is certainly fun for bobs grinding tanks, too bad wg doesn’t give a fuck about low tier balance lol


  6. I hoped my t5 will do for the day, but end up did it with T29 in a game with no arty. That’s alright.

    WG thinks everyone have time on weekends but I’m the opposite….


  7. Too bad I gave up on those missions yesterday and bought the 6 missing tokens. XD

    Meh. In the end, I don’t really care, I’m done with retards and MM. 12e for a T8 premium isn’t a big deal.


  8. That is it? Are you freakin’ serious?
    Who is in charge of making these missions? They need some enlightement about what regular players are capable of! Holy carapace, this is borderline retarded…

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      1. I was more referencing the missions from the weekend. Completely undoable for the average Joe like me. It took me 11 freaking hours to do the 20 times top 5 XP one!!!


        1. That’s the equivalent to 2:15€, your hourly rate is at 0,20 cents. Can I hire you for the next impossible missions? ;)


          1. I have an actual job, which takes away over 9 hours from my life every weekday, so nah, look for someone who lives in their parents’ basement. :P (Yes, I’m referencing to Seb.)


  9. I don’t think anyone can get this tank for free…
    I have -1 mission as I was only able to complete yesterdays mission 3 times.
    WG can easily create 2 more impossible missions.
    If you didn’t complete the daily mission your MM is awful for the mission.
    After you have completed the daily mission your MM will be average.
    A bad MM can be 3 unicorn players in your team who will claim the first 3 places…


  10. Took me 1 game to complete it, probably the easiest mission so far.
    I picked up my brand new Jg. Pz. IV and put my 8.8 DPM to use, it was totally worth it even though we lost.


  11. I had a feeling the weekend would be more gridy than the weekdays. So I got drunk, hangover and did not play a single battle.

    I brain good!


  12. ISU-152 for the win the fourth game out..I’m waiting for the ever-growing mound of kills missions…those always breed good feeling!


  13. I did it fast on mine and my kid account because I thought this is a mistake and they will correct it during the day in some hard way…hope the future missions are same easy like today


    1. Hopefully not, this tank isn’t so great for a t8. It’s more of a collector’s item. I’d rather the missions be harder so the significance of owning one is stronger. Instead of anybody who has time to be able to get it. On the other hand, it’s kind of pointless because you can just buy the thing.


  14. Seems more likely, to me, that they realize most people don’t have quite so much free time during the weekdays vs. the weekend.


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