New Flags – WoWS

3 new flags were added in, apologies for such a delay on making this article, as my internet was offline for the last week.

Flags New

Martoboi Flag
I’ll be honest, I know nothing about this flag. Will update this post when I learn more about it.

St. Patrick:
St. Patrick Flag
Pretty self-explanatory, can be earned in-game for a St. Patrick’s day event until the 20th.

Scavenger Flag:
Scavenger Flag
This Flag can be redeemed on NA by inserting the bonus code “JU5TT35T1NGL01Z” (seriously)


13 thoughts on “New Flags – WoWS

  1. I’d originally wondered if Martoboi was a flag for a new Russian premium cruiser (and I’d note that the Russians had an auxiliary cruiser by the name of ‘Marti’ – the ex-Imperial Russian yacht ‘Standart’). But the “Martoboi” flag looks like it might be for some sort of competition – the red-vs-blue coloration, the ragged graphic design of that coloration, and the crossed turrets give me that impression.

    That said, ‘Marti’ is Russian for the month of March, and ‘boi’ is ‘battle’. I don’t know Russian, but Google Translate tells me that “March Battles” translates into “Martovskiye boi”, which is pretty close to Martoboi… perhaps a Russian speaker could draw more clues from that.


    1. Marti would be a nice addition to WoWS. No idea why they chose a dubious paper design to be RU’s starter ship. Even Almaz has a place in the game IMO.


      1. I agree – Marti and Almaz would make for interesting low-tier additions to the game. I can perhaps see Marti being a tier 2 premium at some point (*maybe* an underpowered tier 3), somewhat similarly to the Katori.


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