WoT „Starter Packs” Now Available on G2A


G2A, in partnership with Wargaming began selling licensed WG “starter packs” – in other words, invite codes.

Get them here: https://www.g2a.com/user/wargamingdirect

Recently Wargaming announced a strategic partnership with G2A and you can see the result on the website. The company sells a starter kit for new players, with 4 different ones available to choose from:

* German Starter Kit
* American Starter Kit
* Soviet Starter Kit
* Veteran Pack (Seb: this is the only one that is worth it, cause of the Excelsior)


-T-15/T2 Light Tank/T-127/Excelsior (German/American/Soviet/Veteran)
-A garage slot
-100% crew (not included in the last pack)
-Premium account for 30 days
-1500 Gold (not included in the last pack)
-1 Emblem: Skull 1/Tiger 2/Skull 4/Card 2 (German/American/Soviet/Veteran)

So far, they are only available for the EU region. Price: 5 € per pack.

Some time earlier, G2A has sold the E25 tank to the RU region for a limited time at a good price, in cooperation with WG; it is possible that such a practice could be repeated.

Also expect Master of Orion Collector’s Edition and Hybrid Wars packs from WG to appear on G2A in the future.