WoT „Starter Packs” Now Available on G2A


G2A, in partnership with Wargaming began selling licensed WG “starter packs” – in other words, invite codes.

Get them here: https://www.g2a.com/user/wargamingdirect

Recently Wargaming announced a strategic partnership with G2A and you can see the result on the website. The company sells a starter kit for new players, with 4 different ones available to choose from:

* German Starter Kit
* American Starter Kit
* Soviet Starter Kit
* Veteran Pack (Seb: this is the only one that is worth it, cause of the Excelsior)


-T-15/T2 Light Tank/T-127/Excelsior (German/American/Soviet/Veteran)
-A garage slot
-100% crew (not included in the last pack)
-Premium account for 30 days
-1500 Gold (not included in the last pack)
-1 Emblem: Skull 1/Tiger 2/Skull 4/Card 2 (German/American/Soviet/Veteran)

So far, they are only available for the EU region. Price: 5 € per pack.

Some time earlier, G2A has sold the E25 tank to the RU region for a limited time at a good price, in cooperation with WG; it is possible that such a practice could be repeated.

Also expect Master of Orion Collector’s Edition and Hybrid Wars packs from WG to appear on G2A in the future.


12 thoughts on “WoT „Starter Packs” Now Available on G2A

    1. Most of East Europe (including my country, Romania) has no problems buying from G2A. We usually torrent games so this is a step forward. I’d say it’s a necessary evil.


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