[Featured] WoT Clan Wars: OMNI vs RED_B on Himmelsdorf

Hope you like the video as I did. Nice insight into CW gameplay.

Check out the YouTube channel of genghiswolves for more videos like these: LINK


16 thoughts on “[Featured] WoT Clan Wars: OMNI vs RED_B on Himmelsdorf

  1. Clan leading with cheat on (specialy aimbot on), fair play policy ? Hope you liked ? What is point of this video, cheating to get a better grade maybe ?
    Knowdlege, tactic, ….all positive in WOT with this cheat nothing meaning


    1. Post timestamps where you see aimbot usage k thx.

      Just FYI, this is old video when there was no fair play policy so all zoomout etc are legal mods.

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  2. Where you see ? When E-100 aiming first Is 7, then in sec aim in move E-100 and hiting in most vulnabery weak spot( only look reticle unusual behaviour aiming then software correction), that guy present illogicalness when play and streaming.Im betting when anticheat code check this client he be banned for sure.Because of this players game sucks on competitive play….so Wargaming decide what want to support.


    1. I see you don’t understand the concept of timestamp…. you post the exact time in the video so we’re sure we’re both watching the same thing.

      If you mean the shot that happens at 7:49, it’s clear manual aim. He even microadjusts his aim because he has super high sensitivity, no “unusual behavior”. That’s not how aimbot works. Aimbot only moves the aiming circle while your actual aim can be outside of the tank. Also, if he uses aimbot, why the hell would he go into sniper mode to aim his shots? If you have aimbot you just stay in 3rd person so you get better overview around.
      Also, I’m pretty sure FC of one of the best clans (at that time, not that amazing nowadays) will put videos of him cheating on the internet. Sure, obviously he’s retarded right?

      It’s sad people like you go around, spreading false info about people cheating, talking shit about FAME/OMNI/QSF/whatever.


  3. Listen you defender of cheaters, watch all his replays of fight, and dont be braniac pls.He dosn’t aiming at all, he aim on center of tank in 7/10 situations and always have software correction on weak spot.He shot hatches in 4/5 with penetration, where is famous RNG ? Boy is special only in cheating that is fact.Why he is recordintg, to prove something? So stupid to record and use cheats?

    I guess you also pay for warpack ;) or programing this 3 part modes for WOT ?

    Who talking about FAME ???? This acount genghiswolves is only accused, and should be baned for all time


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