T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 8

Today’s mission is to win 10 battles in which you are in the top 3 of experience gathered. Anywhere from IV to tier X.

Reward: garage slot.

As a reminder a short overview of the missions we already had:

  1. Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Kill 10 tanks
  3. Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage

37 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 8

  1. Well at least anyone who wants to achieve this missions wont play arty or even TD considering how few xp they get per damage.

    Lowtier clubbing ftw. At least its only 10 games.


  2. Take the Churchill III; this thing has a built in XP multiplier. Had a crap game of 500 dmg, 500 spot; still got second in the team. Managed to do it in 1.5 hours.

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  3. IDk about winning as a requirement… from my experience winning anymore than 5 games is just soooooooooo painful, even if u play OP vehicles. Just terrible teams combined with ARTY in every game just makes me tear my hair off…

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  4. Skorpion G, Liberte and Patriot – mixed between those tanks and won all 10 games in a row + BONUS 600k credits profit :) easiest missions , should be really helpfull for f2p players unlike previous 111 marathon where you neeeded all dem nationality tanks or fv4202 british branch :)


  5. …this mission can be VERY hard if MM is against u and gives u bot team all the time (long live the sunday players…). To increase the chance of winning/be able to carry harder, i can only recommend u either churchil 3 or excelsior, both tanks have limited MM and great RoF – all u need is some gold to pen everything in your way…It took me 2 hours to finish it with these 2 tanks, but i lost almost 200k credits (no prem. acc).


  6. At this rate the 15th mission will be like ‘Win 50 battles while being the first in damage and experience, collect at least 20,000 damage points and 10,000 experience points, as well as 29 kills.’


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  7. Good thing I bailed out yesterday. While this is basically just as hard as yesterday (or prob easier) I can’t see the fun of doing more of this for one more week. Better just get/do a job and buy a beter tank.

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    1. But, the moment you got your money to buy this tank, you get second thoughts…
      Seriously, I can’t see why you would buy this tank over the patton KR


  8. I’ve gotten six missions done but I’m wishing that I had more time Friday night as the Sunday mission was trolling the hell out me. I’m willing to buy three tokens for this tank and that’s about it.


  9. I managed to do the mission after 44 battles with plenty of rage moments and a torn t-shirt. If the marathon continues like this, a better choice would have been to buy the tank.


  10. I gave up.

    Played 7 games today (yes, I know, that`s not much). 1 win. My WN8 for the session was about 2.5k.
    I played pretty well (Churchill and Valentine premiums) but THE TEAMS… OMG, the teams…

    In any case, this one is just not worth the frustration. I`ll skip this one, and if the rest of the missions are like this, or even close as frustrating, I`ll give up on the tank totally.

    If they are somewhat less frustrating, and if I can get at least 10 of the tokens for “free” I`ll buy the rest. If not, FU WG.


  11. Missions requiring a win on the weekend are insane. I can be in the top three pretty easy, just drive a light tank and spot the crap out of an open map. But win a game with the weekend warriors leaving the 2/3s of the map open, good luck on that one. And I do believe that on mission weekends they sabotage the crap out the mm.


  12. Had enough problems doing the first mission , couldn’t get a win for love nor money, got there in the end but OH the teams, Now they wanted you to be top 3 and win on a weekend , would rather buy the token than put my self through it, so caught up on some TV today :)
    missions that are team dependant just plain suck.


  13. Well I didnt expect that but in the end it was easier than yesterday.

    10 wins with top 3 xp : 1 hour and 12~ battles.
    20 games in top 5 damages regardless of the victory : at least 30 battles and almost 3 hours.

    I guess in the end it relies more on rng and matchmaking than on skill (again). You can achieve 10 good results in a row then have bad games for hours…
    This just shows how badly the game relies on luck. If even missions that should reward skill have a huge part of rng in them there is a problem…
    When is the sandbox with reduced rng to 10 % ?


    1. I gave up after 21 battles and 11 losses. I was always always in the top three but the teams just were not up to it. Teams like 8 top tiers dealing no damage at all, Type 59 who drove 80m and abaondoned team because xvm “told” him so…just not worth it


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