XM551 Sheridan HD Model Pictures


14 thoughts on “XM551 Sheridan HD Model Pictures

    1. It’s because WG are lazy to implement material ballistic coefficients, so they opted for all-steel prototype XM551 instead of proper serial production’s aluminum hull.

      They allready implemented aluminum vehicle – the M56 Scorpion, but there they avoided any confusion by using 1mm as all-round “armor” thickness, which basically in game terms means “here’s where the vehicle starts and ends, no protection here”…


      1. On the other hand it should detonate any HE shells so there’s little risk of taking full HE damage. That’s something, at least.


  1. XM551 Vers. 1 – Ugly as fuck…
    XM551 Vers. 2 – Still ugly as fuck…
    Actual M551 Sheridan – Also ugly as fuck…

    …There’s only so much you can do to this tank to polish it up, the hull is just atrocious…


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