Murazor on IS-4 Branch Changes

Murazor confirmed the plans to change the branch of the T-150>KV-3>KV-4>ST-1>IS-4 tanks. IS-4 will move to the 9th tier. The changes will be in the whole branch and the developers think about the introduction of the ST-II tank, pictured below (multiple variants are considered apparently). That’s all we know for now.


44 thoughts on “Murazor on IS-4 Branch Changes

  1. WTF is this. I dont want a 2x gun ST-1 lol.
    Also what was the purpose then when they moved up the IS-4 to T10… now back where its started.
    Only then I will like this change if they give back the original IS-4 T9 look and S70 gun.

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  2. I will only like this change if they give me back the OLD T9 IS-4 now. ( Keep the M62 gun but give back the alternative S70 gun with the old tank model in HD )


    1. The S-70 is IS-7’s gun ; and it is garbage. This gun is the reason why IS-7 isn’t as liked as it used to be.
      The M62 gun is way better in every aspect, why in the world would you want a worse gun except for the lol-damage when you do hit something :/


  3. The smart thing to do then would be to make the tree :
    KV-4 > ST-I > ST-II
    KV-4 > IS-4 > IS-7
    IS-3 > IS-4 > ST-II

    The unique ST-1 would stay in the game as it is while the IS-4 would be downtiered and become a link between the branches (an IS tank that gets the armor and mobility of a KV could fit this role well imo). Or at least from the KV line to the IS line if not the other way aswell.

    I personaly didnt enjoy the IS grind much before tier 8, unlike the KV line ; and I don’t play the T-10 that much because its not really my playstyle, however I’m still interested in the IS-7, and maybe other people feel the same.

    I dont know how they will balance ST-II tho…
    -it needs a better armor than the current IS-4 which suffers from weak front hull, and from that picture the ST-II has a terrible turret cupola, and the turret weakspot is a huge downgrade of the IS-4 compared to ST-1 and its not even that big…
    -two guns ? Seriously ? How will you make that work ??

    ST-II sounds like a tier X MTLS, which was never released for a reason. It was either too good or too shitty depending on the situation, the double gun was insane.

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    1. How will they *not* make it work? Yes, it is WG so any failing to do a thing is possible, but it would be simply a matter of loading one gun, then loading the other. The loader “object” can check for an empty barrel, or a barrel can call “Load me!” to the “listener” object on the loading script.

      Logically, it would work like a continuously-fed drum, with the limiting factor(s) being the loader’s speed and a possible inter-shot limit. The “theory craft” behind that would be turret ring strength limits (if it were an issue) and then of course “balance”–does WG want to give people the option of 780/880 alpha, with the option of splitting it onto two targets like the E 100 cannot?


    2. I would like it a lot more if it was the way it used to be:
      IS > IS-3 > IS-4 > IS-7

      But the T-10 would be too weird to fit in the ST-I line


      1. If you have the tier 9 they’ll give you the new tier 9.
        If you have the tier 10 chances are they’ll just give you the replacement tier 10.

        In the old days if you owned one they could give you all of them lol.
        When T30 and T34 were switched, some people got T30, T34 (premium), M103 and T110E5 for free I think lol.
        And when IS-4 was originaly switched, people got both IS-4 and T-10.

        But seing how they handled the Maus tree change (aka “if you wanted to grind a Maus but didnt do it in time them go fuck yourself”) They’re most likely not gonna fo anything to your account. If the tank you had still exists then you’ll have it, if the tank you had got replaced then you’ll get the replacement. If IS-4 gets downtiered I guess you’ll have to re-buy it because they’re probably not gonna give you both a tier X and IX.


  4. Considering IS-4 is a real tank and ST-I is a project, I can only assume WG is doing this because they can do whatever the fuck they want with ST-I’s armor.

    ST-II would be so much memes tho.


    1. Better to have separate loading cycles for both guns (more realistic, more versatile and we allready have the technology to implement that into Bigworld engine used in WoWS)

      Let’s say current IS-4’s reload is 10,55s with 100% crew. So you basically give this tank two separate guns with reload of 22s each and you can then either fire at average every 11s (slightly worse DPM than IS-4 to ballance the ability to burst-fire) or blast off both shells on one double-tap for 880 dmg with 22s of cooldown afterwards (with unimpressive accuracy for the 2nd shot of course, so this would be viable only at short ranges).

      Also, unlike autoloaders ST-II should be able to use gun rammer…


        1. No, they’ll allow it to have TWO :D

          *thick russian accent* There’s no such theeng as Rossian bias you know, comrade…


  5. hooly shit. If that …. thing makes it into the game, they can just as well implement the LandKreutzer and the Brumbaar for what it’s worts. Two freekin guns, balance that Ivan. How will it work, ? Like an autoloader with 2 shots, or they fire simultaneously? Where is the boresight placed? between the 2 guns, or nest to one of the barrels? What is the accuracy and for which gun is it valid? Ok, screw this, If WG will go down the fantasy tank line, I’ll just reinstall Command and Conquer Red alert and play some “real” soviet op tanks without the hindrance of tomato teams.


  6. What’s next? 4 guns on one turret? What’s wrong with having IS-4 on tier 10? FFS can’t WG fire that Murazor idiot? >:(


  7. I dont wanna loose my ST-I on Tier 9 – i didnt even bother to buy the IS4.
    Can only assist fighting_falcon – Murazor is now turning the game in the wrong direction with his (un)balancing.

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  8. WoT is going down at full speed.
    My hint to WG. Leave this branch as it is. Make ST-II a tier VIII premium, give it unique condom-like camo and call “Stalin’s sperm”. Obj252U needs some balancing factor and an another OP Soviet stalinium would be perfect.


  9. Just kick murazor he is a fucking joke and he is reponsible for all bad balancing decisions this year. OP prems and unbalanced tenk AHAAH that guy is a fucking retard that dont know shit about balance. Just keep the is4 and sti as they are ffs, no need to have dual gun fucking tenks in wot, balance is alreaddy a fucking mess. Just fire murazor pls WG you are ruining your own fucken game with bad decisions. Je.

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