WoWS: 0.6.3 French Tier 10 Cruiser Henri IV Stats

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

Henri IV
Tier 10 French Cruiser

Ship HP: 53300
Deck Armour: 30-80mm
Citadel Protection: 45mm – 140mm
Torpedo Protection: 19%
Max Speed: 35 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 10.8 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 840 m
Surface Detectability: 16.56 km
Air Detectability: 10.35 km

Main Battery
240mm/55 Mle.1948 (3 x 3)
Range: 19.1 km
Reload Time: 17.15 seconds
Turret Rotation Speed: 32.7 sec/180°
Sigma : 2.0

HE Ammo: 240mm OEA Mle. 1948
Damage: 3400
Initial velocity: 845m/s
Chance of fire: 22%

AP Ammo: 240mm OPfK Mle 1948
Damage: 6200
Initial velocity: 845m/s
Penetration (5km/10km/15km) : 359mm/266mm/198mm

Secondary Battery
127mm/54.5 Mle. 1948 (6 x 2)
Range: 4.5 km
Reload: 4 seconds
Damage: 1800
Chance of fire: 9%

550mm Mle 1924 (2 x 3)
Damage: 14833
Speed: 60 knots
Range: 9 km
Reload: 90 seconds
Detectability: 1.3km

127mm/54.5 Mle. 1948 (6 x 2)
94 damage, 5.2km range

57mm/60 Mle 1951 (8 x 2)
97 damage, 3.5km range

(1st slot) Damage Control Party
(2nd slot) Hydroacoustic Search/ Defensive AA fire
(3rd slot) Repair Team
(4th slot) Engine Boost


16 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.6.3 French Tier 10 Cruiser Henri IV Stats

    1. soo what that this ship will have bigger guns … remember about Moskva reload and compare it with THIS reload of over 17 seconds !!!


      1. Not bad tier 8 cruiser . Don’t even compare it to Moskwaa guys
        Henry IV : Penetration @ 5 / 10 / 15 km : 359 / 266 / 198 mm
        Moskva : Penetration @ 5 / 10 / 15 km : 496 / 392 / 314 mm


        1. Great shell speed and time to reach target for Moskva, for both shells. 176 kg with 985m/s compared to this ship 845m/s unknown weight.
          12.8 second for 22.4 km for Moskva, a bit better traverse too


    1. not exactly Zao like armor that thing is flat, while Zao troll armor is due to its shape.

      still from where they got that guns? compared to others (only Zao and Izumo have similar thing) there are nowhere to find… even in larger databases..


  1. That AP DPM is absolutely atrocious, shell velocity is slow-ish, if you go to the original sea-group article you can see that pen values are horrendous, AA is a joke for a T10 CA, and concealment is pretty shit. Makes you wonder just what the fuck happened to Lesta’s balance department.


    1. the same thing that happened to BB vs CA balance.
      sane people got thrown out cause BB players were crying about CA, DD, and CVs hurting them


  2. Being in soviet line of cruisers in tier 7 (with tier 8 premium in port), and being weekend player (real life good job and soo on) i must say that i see no point to go to french line seeing this (i mean switch to french line). I think i rather want to have Moxkva in tier 10 because of her better reload of main guns. Other elements that may be Henri IV stronger points does not seem as important to me.

    Soo i stay with soviet line of cruisers. This ship in compare with Moskva FOR ME – looks not as interesting as soviet one.


  3. The ships kinda feels like a Moskva had slept with an Atago lol. It’s fast, but the mediocre AA is gonna give me Dunkerque flashbacks again. >_> I just hope they do those 240mm guns some justice, the AP and HE damage for that RoF is rather low. Atago HE DPM looks similar to hers if not slightly better, and Atago’s as fast with better concealment and better torps at tier 8, and while she has 90~ AA rating (ignoring Manual AA or BFT), Henri ain’t exactly gonna do much with 191 AA at tier 10.


  4. That honestly looks like garbage.
    At best it could be a tier 7 or 8 BB (well, BC).
    The Shiny horse has better guns firing almost as fast, while having three times more AA, and similar maneuverability.


  5. CA don’t fit WoWs meta imho. A class that is very good at nothing. Exception may be smoke&radar Belfast or Kutuzov. But this is pure WG pay-to-win premium OPness concept much like in WoT.

    Casual players will do better in 20 km RNG shoot-out like Yamato or Be-smart (aka Bismarck), while unicums wil be ever more unicum in hit’n’run Khabarowsk or Gearing.


  6. It’s outright insane for the 57mm/60 Mle 1951 to be that bad an AA gun. Those should have at least triple the DPS they’re being credited with and at least 4.0km range too.


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