Strv S1 Model Updated ( Micropatch)

Thanks to FastestClassic for providing the pics.


14 thoughts on “Strv S1 Model Updated ( Micropatch)

      1. To me all the newer models look freaking awesome.
        For example M103 remodel was really amazing.
        I really can’t wait to see all the future HD models they are working on and how will they remodel the old HD models.

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          1. i don’t think that minor size increase should be considered a problem since most of the time people can’t see you while you spam


  1. Gun is like for the UDES so rather nice… except:
    -it cannot elevate, like the Strv’s
    -it is “rather slow” (compared to what was announced for these TDs), like Strv’s (especialy tier IX)
    -it has terrible traverse speed, like UDES, which means you cannot defend yourself
    -armor is shit. It’s better than UDES but in the end it doesnt change anything: it can still be overmatched by pretty much everything except a few MTs/LTs of tier 8 and below… Tier IX and X are already not that good at bouncing shots because they’re useless against >120mm calibers…
    -as it looks more like an Strv103 than like a UDES, I assume the rof does not increase when going into siege mode, which means dpm is overall shit. If it does like the UDES however this will be good.

    I didnt enjoy the UDES too much because of it’s lack of armor and traverse speed. Gun and mobility were amazing, camo too, but this thing doesnt have the speed and the elevation advantage, and I suspect camo to be worse, so we get a stock Strv103-0 with worse armor and dpm and mobility. IT is a bad tank compared to Skorpion G.
    I’ll have to wait gameplay videos however, we all know that garage stats don’t mean much when in battle usualy…

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    1. well, the tier 9 TD is really bad armorwise, because the armor is just under the critical level of 40 mm (which means overmatch for guns bigger than 120mm (every HT except M103, Conq, AMX and Emil II)).

      but the tier 10 has 50 mm, meaning it is immune to everybody except arty and quite a number of tier 10 TDs (with guns BIGGER than 150 mm). though I don’t know exactly, how that spaced armor really works inside battles. tells me that even for the big guns the shells are absorbed, for whatever reason. for HEAT or HE I would understand that at a glance. but AP should go through that BBQ-grill instantly and still be able to overmatch that tin foil of 50mm UFP-armor.

      I haven’t seen the Strv 103B that often in battles with my M46 Patton (only 105mm gun, so the strv is immune to the gun anyway) or my E75 (even with 12,8er gun frontally no chance …)

      I still wished, they hadn’t implemented that BBQ, because this way HE would be very viable option against a hulldown Strv. now it is immune to the vast majority of tanks in the right position.
      upside: such a situation would make those arty-haters reconsider their opinion a bit …


  2. It… it has a little periscope on its back! Right behind the spare wheel! Holy carapace, that’s so CUUUTE! :D
    I want it now!


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