WoT: Two New Alleged High Tier Chinese TDs

Source: Zesshin on the wotlabs.net forums

Two new high tier Chinese tanks dubbed the WZ-120 IG FT and the WZ-120 FT have just been recently revealed by an alleged live stream hosted by Kongzhong themselves. There is photographic evidence of this live stream, but there may be a small chance that it could be a hoax. The information on these two tanks were provided by Kongzhong for Wargaming. This means that there is a likely chance that the two tanks are fabricated by Kongzhong themselves as they have done in the past if the Chinese tank destroyer line turns out to be real. Lastly, it will allegedly be implemented this year on PRC National Day on the 1st of October.

Also, we must stress that this may be a hoax and please take it with a grain of salt.

WZ-120 IG FT

WZ-120 FT

Khongzhong livestream screenshot


48 thoughts on “WoT: Two New Alleged High Tier Chinese TDs

  1. Well, at the very least they look pretty neat.

    Just for reference, which Chinese tanks are thought to be a made-up by Khongzhong? I remember that the 121B was one, since the Chinese didn’t have access to the Royal Ordance L7 until after the 121 was cancelled.

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    1. List of fakes/unnecessary ruskie copies: Type T-34, T-34-1/2/3, 110, 113, 121, 112, 59-Fatton

      Excluding SPAA and special vehicles, PRC before 80s can only make MT(MBT) and LTs.

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      1. Keep in mind tho, The type-T-34 existed. From 1949 to 1959 several. T-34 tanks (at leat 7 of them had the top 57mm u can find in WOT) were present in PLA and designated Type-T34


        1. I would love to see the source about PLA gave T-34/76 the ‘Type’ designation, currently on google is flooded with WoT stuff in regards to ‘Type T-34’ which is useless.

          IMO Type T-34 is an unnecessary copy, all of the MTs follow on from Type T-34 are good enough to not be OP when placed a tier lower.


  2. reaaally? i thought this was a fake by KongZhong just like what they done before(fake tier 10 LT, fake Chinese TD <-just soviet TD with China's camo)

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    1. 1. It’s not from Wargaming themselves
      2. People can and have created models of unique tanks as skins for the game (see MilkyM4n’s M551 Sheridan skin)
      3. People have faked renders

      With that in mind, do you see why? Also, I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid, I’m being cautious and covering my back.

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    2. Maybe he wanted to say Fake rather than Hoax?? As long as, sure, since they are rendered, they will most likely be implemented, but are they real projects ?

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      1. Ok, that’s right It could be anybody but Wargaming, but it would be of very small interest since those remodels you are citing are a lot of effort done be be used, while those TDs wouldn’t if they were Hoaxes. (hmmm, well, appart from being hoaxes working pretty damn well for sure!)

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    3. Oh and you know how this abomination of a tier 10 TD came out from an official WG China Wechat article

      Doesn’t say anything when there are seemingly official press on the tank or even authentic renders, in the end it’s just up to them whether they want to release the tank or not


  3. Both of these tanks have had their blueprints posted and known for years.

    In fact WZ120 IG FT also showed up in the Revisiting the Chinese TD Line article just recently.

    I swear to fking god the deep cynicism of the userbase of this game. You’re all just crack fiends who complain endlessly but keep playing. And then go online to find upcoming reasons to be negative!

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    1. Please revise what I said. I believe those are valid points I just made.

      Mr. Genfunk was giving the tank the benefit of the doubt. I, because of my skepticism of claims of armored vehicles, can not do that. Those schematics were posted by SerB and apparently provided by Kongzhong who make up armored vehicles.

      I have yet to see a picture of the Type T-34, the 121B has a 105mm L7 even though the Chinese obtained the license in the 80’s and that specific 121 variant was abandoned in the 60’s, 110 has an IS-3 and IS-8/T-10 turret, and a lot of tanks are unsubstantiated.

      It’s tough love, Wargaming does a lot of stuff that frankly deserves criticism.

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      1. Oh really? Tell me something, is a strict adherence to 100% historical perimeters going to lead to success for this game? No? Then why are you pretending WG should do that with a non-sim? Did anyone who grinded the Waffentrager E100 care that it was a fake? No? They liked clipping a full hp maus instead?

        In the case of Chinese tank there’s been chatters about fakes before that’s been debunked with photos. Frankly, I ask myself if I care about the blanket authenticity of WOT tanks (even the newest of which are just obsolete relics today) beyond the ones that actually saw combat in wars, the ones with a reputation. Even then, is there a good historical mode for these tanks?

        Please, you’re just another voice that complains about an non-essential aspect that has no barring on the day-to-day. And don’t anyone pretend that complaining means that the said person can do a better job.

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        1. +15 gold has been deposited to your account, good goy. Might as well add the E-90 and the Jpz E-100 Krokodil, or that ebin drawing I’m about to doodle up if we throw any trace of historicity out of the window.

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    2. Could you not flip flop about your point of offense taken?

      First it was the authenticity of the design and blueprint.
      When that was clarified, you suddenly flipped to “but fantasy tanks are ok and fuck you for saying they’re not!”

      Pick an argument, and stick to it.

      For the record, fantasy tanks are ok.
      Just fantasy tanks imagined back in the day, not ones drawn up (literally) in the past few years/decade to look like a tank from the 50’s.
      If you start accepting that, then you might you start also implementing stuff like the jpzE90/stug E100.

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    3. Please, before you post your blueprints and claim how “real” the tanks are, at least use your brain for once and compare the renders with the blueprints, note how ridiculously small the mantle is compared to the BP, or it even lacks the cupola in the BP, if it’s such a “real” tank, then who gave them the liberty to modify the design of the design however they like? Do note that the gun mantle is too damn small for anything and the crew compartment is even shorter than in the BP, I doubt even Chinese midgets can fit into the tank, if it’s not an obvious attempt to buff their baby project and pad their overwhelming patriotism than I don’t know what it could be.
      Oh and you know how that gun that looks like a 122mm can potentially kill everyone in the compartment because it looks like there’s barely any space for recoil mechanisms

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  4. The 1st one looks like an Su-122-54.
    The 2nd one looks like a T25AT/SU76I hybrid.

    I honestly don’t care. If it means more tanks to grind, BRING IT!!!


  5. im not sure what the armor on the wz120 is but from this picture the frontal armor where its connecting with the side armor the front armor looks very thick like 200-250… with that angle and tiny weak spots on top its gonna be like a OP version of the foch


    1. if its based on any of the heavy tanks, its probably only 120mm. the cannon itself is 122mm, so u can easily compare the 2 sizes.


  6. I’m not going to debate the fake/hoax discussion because there’s little to no information about the chinese vehicles. Even if they’re real, we won’t know a lot about them and WG will have the liberty to balance them as they see fit.

    Now, about the vehicles: Both of them are clearly of soviet inspiration.
    WZ-120 IG FT looks like they took the superstructure of the SU-122-44 and dumped it on the WZ-120 (T-54) chassis.

    WZ-120 FT looks like ISU-152 superstructure was mixed with the same WZ-120 chassis. The soviet variant has it on IS chassis and that’s why it looks taller on the chinese model.

    I like them and it’s about time WG starts filling up the older branches.
    Chinese tech tree needs TDs and SPGs.
    French still need that second HT line.
    British will need a LT line.
    Japan needs TD, SPG and LT.
    CzSk needs everything (TD, LT, SPG, HT-not even possible)
    Sweeds just appeared so they can take a break for another 2 years 😛


  7. Do not like to be able to remove WOT please

    Really no one to force you to play China

    WOT World War II tanks and history tanks nobody is playing

    WOT a bunch of people playing the cold war and blueprint tanks


  8. Yeah, I will take this with a bag of salt. Wait, no. make it two bags.
    Within half a year the truth will see the light of sun and all this KZ bullshittery willl be revealed to be a fake. I can only think that they want the Chinese playerbase to get interested in the game again, which they seem to work towards with every damned clearly fake tanks they have made so far.
    This is so disappointing…


    1. The northeastern asia MMO market is generally towards “pay to win”, players are willing to pay2win as long as they can. KZ is no exception; the way KZ runs WoT will force you to buy prem ammo/prem tanks, or even hire people to get your grind done

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  9. i like the look of those td’s, but i dont know about their viability. they seem to have 122mm cannons, so it must be between tier 6-8. given how that will probably be 175-250heat pen, they must become either a su-122-44 clone, or a well balanced tank of their own.


  10. China is by far the largest consumer market in the world. It is unbelievable that WG has not made a Chinese line for WOWS and WOWp yet. And it’s hard to believe that we still do not have a complete Chinese line for WOT today. I like historical accuracy also, but I want to remember you guys that this is a video game and not a documentary. The other lines also have, how can I say, “non-historical” tanks.


    1. There’s not enough material to make a half-historical tree for PRC in WoT, let alone ships and planes.

      And majority of the community do not want to have fully fake contents, current semi-Ruskie copies and half-fakes already damaged its reputation. Do you want to get worse?

      You can’t expect a country formed at 1949 with no industrial abilities and bring numerous design that can fit into the 1920s to 1960s era where WG’s games are.

      P.s. Even counting RoC and late Qing China there’s only foreign copies and some t1~t3 material at best


      1. “And majority of the community do not want to have fully fake contents, current semi-Ruskie copies and half-fakes already damaged its reputation.”

        I do not know. Beware of such phrases bro. Do you have any research or study that substantiates this? Do you rely on what people say here? From 110 million players how many are expressed here and on Reddit? 0.5%? When WG launches a new tank, people buy it because it is historic, cause it can be useful for training crews or because its stats are very good? I think people want fun tanks to play with. I started playing WOT for my taste for History, yes, but I’m also a video game player and I would like to have the complete lines in WOT and WOWS. I think WG could use Brits and American TDs that were used to fight against the Japanese in China and Burma, and on the other tiers, Russian tanks or some copy from the Russians. If you have a line of Japanese HTs, why not a line of Chinese TDs?


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