WoWS: French Cruisers Arriving!

La Royale makes its debut on the seas of World of Warships with its line of cruisers! Battle in light cruisers before mastering his heavy monsters of the seas!

^From WoWS Facebook


Link for bigger pic

UPDATE: According to our insider, they will come in 0.6.3


10 thoughts on “WoWS: French Cruisers Arriving!

  1. Despite being a fan of the RN I am very very excited by a new cruiser line! I sincerely hope these will be a good addition to WOWs


    1. Uhh slight addition. I’m also, again, very worried about how this will effect the RN CLs. I mean we’re already seeing the removal of Invisifire, may be a good idea but it is a nerf to the CL line, I can’t be sure of the stats of these cruisers so I don’t want to jump to conclusions but there is always a possibility of making the RNCL game-play even more hair raising.


  2. As for what I did expect I imagined a captured ship like the “Mulhouse” (ex-“Stralsund”) at Tier IV and the “Suffren” at Tier VII.


  3. Right! WOWS do not get another red cent out of me until they introduce more RN ships! Who cares about ships from navies that did squat in WWII – like the French and Soviet navies. As a kid I built models of British, German, US and Japanese WWII warships, not French or Russian!


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