WoWp 2.0: Possible Revival of WoWp? (+Video)

The game is entering into its next evolution soon. I haven’t played WoWp in a long time, but the changes seem significant. If anyone can tell us what major changes are apparent in this video, it would be greatly appreciated.


19 thoughts on “WoWp 2.0: Possible Revival of WoWp? (+Video)

  1. all they have to do, is to make a warthunder clone. they tried to make it arcade, and failed. that is the change they need to make.


      1. they wanted to create a game out of nothing, without any fame. they wanted to attract only the russian audiance and failed. wowp can still use the fame of world of tanks to become populated. i mean, look at wows. its already a great hit, solely because of world of tanks.

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        1. true, but still, wowps reputation is hardly damaged, untill some of the youtubers who damaged it’s ( to be fair, back in the day wowp really did suck) reputation, wowp will not be able to live of WoTs success.

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          1. im sure wargaming can find ways to bribe a few people here and there. youtubers like pewdiepie or kwebbelkop only needs to make a 2 minute video out of it and they found their 5 million gamers.


            1. still i think having a copy of WT isn’t really the way to go honestly, then it would be like: why would we play Wowp if we have all those vehicles already unlocked in WT. Wowp is likely gonna stay an arcadey game. But at least the new changes do at least look promising nontheless.


            2. I’m sure WT did exactly that. Pay Youtubers to slander WoWP. Especially Jingles was on a massive crusade filled with what we would call fake news today. Bashing on all kinds of features being absent while they really weren’t. But wat probably damaged the game the most, was the Open Beta that attracted thousands of World of Tanks players, who introduced the LemmingPlane meta to WoWP. Whereas up until that point people continued down their spawn direction until enemies were encountered, these OB testers introduced the “group up in one massive blob” gameplay. You could continue flying in 3 smaller teams of 4-6 planes and be eliminated one by one by the massive blob of 12 enemies, or you could adapt and do the same.

              Now the problem with this is that blobs of 8-12 vs 8-12 create so much chaos that it entirely removes any possibility of situational awareness for anyone in that fight. You set your sights on someone, go after them, 3 enemies do the same with you and before you even know it, you’re dead. That’s how these battles go for new players. Experienced players kindly exploit this meta of course which also doesnt add to the fun factor for new players, but at least if there were 3 smaller fights spread across the map, the odds of meeting an experienced/skilled player in your blob would be 1 out of 3. You’d meet the good players far less often, and spend way more time in combat with similarly skilled opponents. Usually the best pilots would survive their tiny furballs, then meet up somewhere on the map with the survivors of the other smaller fights to have one last 2v2/3v3/1v1 for the victory. This gameplay was just far, FAR more forgiving AND far more valuable for new and bad players alike, as they had far less enemy and allied planes to worry about at a time, and when they died and spectated someone, they’d actually be able to learn something because in a 4v3/4v4/4v5 you can actually comprehend what’s going on, what works, what doesn’t, while in a 13v13 blob they probably just blame it on sheer luck wether you die fast or late.


              1. because its HP based. in warthunder, u only need 1 shot through the head of the pilot to kill off an enemy. 1 fighter can take out a group, because its 1 vs a group. that 1 person knows hes just 1, where he all the other planes are his enemies, while the enemies need to figure out which 1 is the enemy.


      2. yes, they let Obsidian to have some “free space” in therms of developing. And Obsidian is the developer that has never ever finished something for good. It is always someone else’s fault, but not Obsidian’s.


    1. considering that War thunder seems to fall apart as they add content without any idea what they doing (if it comes to gameplay), or they know what they doing and want just to milk $$$.
      they really need to reconsider gameplay (and its not that there aren’t many people with want to help (including I), but they just stick to what they believe is good (or making more $$$))

      Gaijin Star Citizen already arrived in arc games (perfect world entertainment)

      still after recent improvements WoWp is much better.


  2. The UI rework seems to be a massive improvement, however, the sound design needs huge rework, some graphics elements (shell tracers/terrain) look they could use some much needed love.
    Also, physics look to be still a tad lightweight, too arcade-ish,

    Still, its a big step in the right direction.

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  3. it has a few new elements that make it “feel” more realistic – plane shaking from maneuvers, taking damage, engine revved too high etc – more immersive. and it has new elements that MAKE it more realistic, mainly an improved damage and critical hit system. this builds on the work they have already done up to 1.9.9

    Ive played since beta. at first, your plane just basically had HP. and it was super boring. if there were crits i dont recall it.

    If you play today – and i have started back up, its fun, accidentally discovered it about 6 months ago – the damage system is much more, well good. your plane still has hit points, but crits are a big part of it. you need to be quick to act with consumables to put out fires, repair damaged wings or tails, first aid pilots or rear gunners, and the like. the effect of the crits is really bad every slight amount you delay, so unlike version 1.0, you actually have to pay attention to whats going on and do stuff about it.

    Gotta love that the first 6 posts are just two guys jerking each other off, neither discussing the video, nor even the current game, and certainly not discussing the changes between current and the video, just bashing WG and talking about how awesome and smart they are. i doubt they watched it. And im pretty sure they were fapping as they posted “their genius”.

    I actually play and have played since day 1, and i actually watched the video.

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    1. all these things you claim are new are already present. Like the shaking of the plane and stuff. It’s called motion blur. The damage model was way better 4 years ago, when you could actually clip wings and tails by concentrating cannon fire on to them (or prolonged machine gun fire) but was removed because some people were too good at aiming and casuals died too easily because of it and quit. All they’ve done so far is try keeping casuals and new players alive longer in the hopes they wont quit the game as easily, and all they’ve done with it is drive veterans away. This new gamemode again seems to hammer on survivability + respawns so new players might stay longer, but at least the gamemode looks interesting enough to keep some old players at bay.


  4. I was an Alpha Tester for WOWP (don’t blame me, they would only listen to those that praised their unfinished game). Based solely on this video it appears they slightly improved the sound, camera, and the flight model. For me to be certain I would have to slow down my annoyingly slow credit grind in WOT. I know they could save WOWP, even today. I would test again only under certain conditions.


  5. It seems better, don’t know if that will be enough though.

    What i would like to see:
    1) Making ground attack plane more versatile. They are totally enclosed in their boring ground target hunt with absolutely no possibility to fight other planes. It’s like this class isn’t playing the same game of the others. And if the game ending with 5 ground attack planes against 1 fighter in the opposite team it’s a lose for you. They have pretty much no impact at all on the result of the game. Each game is going to developp like that: first fight with all fighters, then heavy fighters hunt the survivors which are now too close to the ground to climb and hunt them, then hunt the ground attack fighters that are pretty useless.

    2) Find a way to include teamplay. Wowp is actually a solo multiplayer game. There is no need to escort someone, to bomb something fast, or to avoid other planes to focus on a vital target.

    3) Get out of the world of fighters syndrom. Even with all the different branch there is in fact only 3 class: heavy fighters, fighters, ground attack fighters. And one of them is pretty useless. In warthunder a P47 thunderbolt doesn’t feel the same as a BF110. But they are heavy fighters.


  6. It’s still as bad as it was, but comparing it to WT is a bit unfair if you ask me. WT is an improved, on-line version of IL-2 Sturmovik simulator games, which they go back to 2001 (it even uses the same engine). Yes WT is essentially older than World of Warcraft. It really is in a whole different league. That applies only for the air combat part of course, ground forces is just terrible even compared to WoT.


  7. Looks quite… playable now. :p Reminds me of WT Arcade mode. As long as they fix the damned camera clipping the plane by just moving the camera slightly back, I’d play it. The flight models could be better, but that can come with time.

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  8. Being an alpha tester for this game (and being the very first one with T X german) I have to say just few words: this game died long ago because of the idiocity of WG stuff! They have ruined something that had the potential to overcome WoT, but they acted like monkeys and simply ruined the game even before it really came live (because once it went live there weren’t enough players playing it already). I have LOST about 500 hours of playing the game, I feel pitty for it and I feel I’ve been lied and stolen. How do they expect to get a player like me back, when they don’t really offer something good. The game now doesn’t even has the playerbase to play without problems on tiers 3 and above. What are WC expecting from players like me- to get them lied again for a half or one whole year and bring them back where we are now? No 10x, this game is dead long ago for me.


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