WoT: HD ST-I and XM551 Remodel Spotted

An HD ST-I was spotted at the WG Live interview on the WoT NA Facebook page including an XM551 remodeled with extra decorations and a new extended spaced armor cage for further protection. Thanks goes to 2goxd and CounterMAN for pointing it out and apologies for taking a while to post it.


Remodeled XM551


9 thoughts on “WoT: HD ST-I and XM551 Remodel Spotted

  1. Oh, good, so they ARE already considering changing the fugly box we currently have to look at on Sandbox. Yay! (Glad to see ST-I finally getting some love, too; hopefully this’ll be introduced soon, though Milkym4n’s model is awesome until then)

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    1. I still don’t understand why they choose the fugly boxy Sheridan prototype hull and not going for the mass producted version with much sexy hull.

      Welp I’ll use the Sheridan model from War Thunder anyway by Milky. He already made a WT Sheridan remodel skin for T49.

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  2. So even the capola ‘weakspot’ is gone?

    And pls WG buff the gun handling on ST-1&IS-4, it’s worse than IS-8 and even 252U’s gun has slightly better hidden stats.


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