Hard Facts: NA Tier X Popularity Feb. 03 – March 03, 2017.

Source: Redditor TollhouseFrank

Howdy Folks! I am back once again after a few weeks with the next set of popularity statistics for the NA Server. This time, I have the full, complete popularity. I have spent a lot of time making sure what each set of numbers stands for, and have spent a lot of time observing how they have changed over the past month, on account of things like On-Tracks, New Patch Nerfs/Buffs, etc.

My prior posts of this sort do not have this full data set, so you can throw them out, aside from the ‘popularity contest’ part of the UP component, which I did keep as part of my 3 sets of popularity for each tank type.

I will explain below what each type of popularity means.

UP This is Unique Plays. This is a simply how many unique accounts played this tank. This does not count matches played by each player. You could play 1 match or 1000 matches in a tank, and it only counts as 1 unique play.

AMP This is Average Matches Played. This is a per person, per tank ratio. This is shown because while some tanks are not played by as many people, they are played for more matches than the ones played by more people.

CAP This is Combined Average Popularity. This takes an average of UP and AMP and becomes on overall popularity for the time period. This will be the most likely percentage chance for you to have been in a match with this vehicle in a match.

For each chart, the numbers up the Y axis are in percentage points. I know that they are not sorted in descending order, but honestly, I sort of like that, as you can compare visually patch-to-patch popularity of each tank just by glancing at each chart.

As a small teaser, beneath each chart table of links to the charts, I will give the #1 in each category.

Heavy Tanks


1 UP – Maus

1 AMP – T110E5

1 CAP – IS-7

Medium Tanks


1 UP – Object 140

1 AMP – Bat Chat 25t

1 CAP – Bat Chat 25t



1 UP – GWE 100

1 AMP – Bat Chat 155 58

1 CAP – GWE 100



1 UP – Grille 15

1 AMP – Grille 15

1 CAP – Grille 15

If there is enough call for info like this, I can also do this for the EU server. Of course, depending on the day I do it, the time period and popularity will change based on Top of the Tree and/or Patch related popularity.

As an aside – I will include the tier X lights 4 weeks after they are in the game, to get a full 28 day data-set on them.