WoWS – 1:42 Scale : Stalingrad


7 thoughts on “WoWS – 1:42 Scale : Stalingrad

  1. Would love to see her and Alaska in game, although she’d be like what, tier 10 alt cruiser? She’s similar to Moskva,with a bit more AA and bigger guns.


    1. Lets hope for battlecruisers as a separate class… but it is highly doubtful as only few navies would be capable to produce full branch of BCs.


  2. People who are vehemently against paper ships are really making releasing interesting ships like this one difficult.


  3. Wow…. best resume of this awkward oldie junk – “floating target”. Very nice ship, but created 15 years too late to make it practical.


  4. someone said this: “Game Designer Vlegris said in forum (russian) that Stalingrad is too powerfull even for 10lvl and there are no plans for production.”


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