WoWS: Supertest Changes

Found by SFC_Storm

Summary: Black radar was nerfed, Indianapolis rate of fire was buffed, Russian DDs got the 1900 HE Damage back, New Mexico/Colorado got upgraded AA, and Khabarovsk is getting a repair.

Clarification from beachedwhale1945:

Regarding the US BB AA changes, that appears to be an error. The old C hull is becoming the B hull, and the B hull is becoming the A hull. If you look at the gun changes, from the current New Mexico B to C you trade the .50 Brownings for single and twin Bofors and single and twin Oerlikons, a perfect match to this image. The same is true for Colorado: B hull trades 1.1″ guns for twin and quad Bofors on the C hull.


22 thoughts on “WoWS: Supertest Changes

  1. Oh jesus…
    1900 alpha HE was NOT needed.

    That’s an extra 100 damage per shell per hit.
    On a decent salvo, that’s 500 extra damage.
    RU DDs were not underperforming, especially not at higher tiers.


      1. Shell weight and damage is not much related but national flavor and balancing, if you haven’t noticed.
        Also, RU’s 130mm shell weight is 33.4kg, retrieved from WG’s global wiki.
        Be precise or you will lose credibility.

        In addition to that, based on the statistics, most of RU destroyers are doing pretty decent, if not awesome.
        Even the Tashkent you mentioned has decent WR and damage done in T8 DDs.
        Maybe…maybe it is just you?

        I may agree with the HE buff of RU dd only for Genvny, Minsk, and Ognevoi.
        Gnevny becomes tier 6 without much change, Minsk is Leningrad without decent torps, and Ognevoi becomes Tier8 and still has only 2 twin turrets as gunboat…maybe those need some love.

        Btw kiddo, if you want to point out historical values, you should try using amount of bursting charge next time.


        1. 12.7 cm/50 (5″) 3rd Year Type

          Common Type 1 HE:: 23kg
          Bursting Charge: 2.2 kg
          Damage in game: 1800

          130 mm/50 (5.1″) B13 Pattern 1936

          HE mod 1828 (F-46) shell weight: 33.4kg
          Bursting charge: 2.71kg
          Damage in game: 1600

          As you can see, despite having a .5kg larger bursting charge, (and this is assuming it uses the HE round and not the HE FRAG round which had an even larger bursting charge of 3.58kg) The Soviet gun does 200 less damage.

          Oh and Tashkent is considered to be THE worst tier VIII DD, and will soon be becoming a tier IX DD with effectively no buffs whatsoever.


          1. Tashkent does seem to be getting a repair party, so I would consider that a buff seeing as it’s size is it’s main problem


        2. By putting on Udaloi’s guns and Khab’s torpedes, and the Ognevoi wouldn’t need any buff. The prove is already existed as the ship name Benson. Look at their stat, they’re really similar


      2. VMF DD didn’t and never need any buff to HE alpha. And I’ve already finish the Tashkent and get the Khab. Their guns were more than enough, maybe even broader line OP. The problem with Tashkent was the fact that she’s a floating brick. Her guns performed fine, but being easy to get hit back was the real problem, that’s all.


          1. Oh christ you’re hopeless…

            If you do 400 damage per salvo, you’re not hitting the right spot, and an extra 300 max alpha per shell won’t do anything to improve that by any significant amount, since that’s now how the game mechanics work.

            The guns aren’t the issue, the black sheep of the branch are, the Ognevoi and Tashkent. They’re simply too big and not maneuverable for that tier, with not enough firepower to compensate.


      3. I actually have play Tashkent. It’s never the lack of firepower that caused problems.

        And the comparison with the IJN gun is foolish, seeing as it fires half as fast and with much worse ballistics.

        Any other point?
        Perhaps you’d also like to point out that the Udaloi, Khaba and Kiev are bad, seeing as they use the same HE ?


          1. Akizuki: 1000m/s, yet the shells fall faster past 6km than the USN 127mm.
            Ballistics is more than just the initial velocity.
            It’s a FACT that the Russian 130mm has the best ballistics and guns of all DDs.

            .And if you found both the Kiev and Udaloi bad, then then that’s your problem right there.


  2. from that point of view technically speaking US 127mm HE are quite underprefroming..
    as in game Russian 130mm are listed as HE-46 with have 2.71 kg of explosives for that 1600-1900dmg. (and again shell weights 33.4kg… not 43kg for that it have 2500dmg on AP round)

    Japan Type 1 HE have 2.2kg for 1800dmg

    Germany with generally have lowest bursting charges have 2.0kg (even German 150mm HE have only 3.9kg compared to 6kg of US 152mm) for 1500dmg

    US have:
    127mm/25 (secondary on many US ships) 3.3kg for 1800dmg…

    127mm/38 (DD main guns).. for some reason they have listed ammo as HE MK 32 while only ammo at that designation is Common MK 32 with is SAP round… HE rounds have from 3.3kg* to 3.8kg of explosives… for 1800dmg
    * there was variant with 2.8kg of explosives but it was barely used.
    and i won’t even talk about high as skyscraper drag coefficient for no reason…
    US 127mm: 0.347
    Russia 130mm: 0.2549 (such streamlined perfect shells)
    Japan 127mm: 0.334

    127mm/54 (Montana, Midway secondaries) 3.5kg for 1800dmg…


    1. Interestingly, they’re removing all the WWI era dreadnought/battlecruiser hulls…
      Fuso and Kongo, now Colorado and New Mexico? (ok, the Colorado is 1921, but close enough)

      I smell a WWI gamemode coming up.


      1. I am seriously opposed if they are removing the Colorado BB or New Mexico BB stock hull and making them downtiered premiums when previously they were free in the game as part of the grind


        1. I don’t think they’ll be as cheeky as that.

          But a separate WWI gamemode, with a “historical battle” vibe?
          I could see it happening.


        2. Problem with the stock hulls, especially the further you get up the tech-tree is, that the stock ships have a tendency to severely lack, compared to the elited ships one tier before. Most usually this can be seen in the lack of AA on the stock hulls (one of the worst examples in game, is probably Bayern at T6), but there are other problems emerging as well here and there. This disrupts the progression-flow and they clearly want to get rid of that.

          Personally, I would have tried to find a different way to adress this issue, preferably by letting the hull- or general upgrade-state of a ship influence the matchmaking of the given ship.


          1. I have started to see people who play WOWS are saying that by downtiering stock ships and making them as premiums behind paywalls does not give the opportunity for ships that cannot fit in the ship tree becoming premium ships, in example just think of the reaction if Wargaming brought back Yamashiro as a downtiered stock fuso or West Virginia as a stock colorado


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