Sandbox #3: New Light Tree Structure



14 thoughts on “Sandbox #3: New Light Tree Structure

  1. I have question, how WG gonna do- for example if I have RU and researched to leopard1, so I will get already researched X tier light or I need to research it?


  2. Does XP on current T8 lights carry over to new T9s or does it stay at T8? Also, do you get the new T9 purchased or just researched if you had the T8?


    1. noone knows. On Sandbox you dont play with your own acount, you rather get a new account with all tanks unlocked, so you cant check what happened with XP or if you got tanks researched/for free. We’ll have to wait for the public test to get this kind of information.


  3. What’s going to happen to my US T57 line? I got it through the m49 and none of the tanks from the other line are researched


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