Sandbox Heads into Phase 3

UPDATE: Sandbox servers are now online.

Info from portal:

We want to give a big shout out to all those that have participated in the artillery test in Sandbox so far, and encourage even more of you to jump in! The second round of testing recently came to end, which means there’s a status update inbound.

The changes to SPGs worked well on tier X. They facilitate teamplay, boosted battle dynamics, and made matches feel fairer.  Moving forward, we’ll continue to refine them within the third phase. It begins February 27 and will add tiers VIII–IX to the test. We will be watching closely how stun, new UI elements, and multi-use consumables affect their gameplay, monitoring your feedback and reviewing logs of data to fine-tune these new mechanics.

Along with new mechanics for artillery, the third phase will feature tier X light tanks. We shared the first details about them during a Supertest. Each light tank branch will get a tier X vehicle, while existing tanks will get rebalanced and stretched to tier IX. The main goal of these changes is to eliminate the frustrating +3 matchmaking that the class currently has. Stretching light tank branches to tier X makes the regular +2 matchmaking possible for them, which should turn them into a standalone battle unit.

Info from the sandbox blog:

The stun mechanic, new UI elements, and multi-use consumables performed well at Tier X. They facilitate teamwork, boosted battle dynamics, and made matches feel fairer.

Currently, we are testing the same scope of changes across Tiers VIII–X to see how they play out on a wider range of vehicles and affect overall gameplay.

The 2nd point on the agenda are Tier X light tanks. The main goal of their addition is to eliminate the frustrating +3 matchmaking that the class currently has. Stretching light tank branches to Tier X makes the regular +2 matchmaking possible for them, which should turn them into a standalone battle unit.

However, with all the internal tests and models, and Supertests, we can’t be absolutely certain that everything works as intended. It’s for you to tell us if we are on the right track here. Join the test to help us check if they really work!


  1. Feb. 27Mar. 1. We start with Tier X vehicles to see how the addition of the new Tier X light tanks affects the gaming experience compared to Phase 2
  2. Mar. 2–5. When Tier VIII–IX vehicles roll out on March 2, we’ll focus on analyzing how these changes affect top-tier gameplay
Stretching Light Tank Branches to Tier X

Light tanks were initially designed as support fire vehicles, rather than a standalone battle unit. That’s why, these vehicles (Tier III and higher) get special matchmaking on production servers. They often end up against tanks that are three tiers higher and can’t contribute to the battle meaningfully.

The original purpose of this setup was to introduce Tier VIII light tanks in tier 10 matches. However, as the game evolved, introducing a few tanks with massive cannons and good enough a view range to effectively destroy light tanks, scout matchmaking grew obsolete. Basically, light tanks are the game’s worst damage dealers. When they trade shots with vehicles of higher tiers, they get send back to the Garage in no time. So, they either stay put to avoid getting destroyed, which leaves their teammates “blind,” or sacrifice themselves in the first minutes, which is little fun.

To bring light tanks on par with other classes and introduce the regular +/-2 matchmaking for them, we stretched their branches to Tier X. Now, the matchmaker can assemble diverse teams, and faster, while light tanks fight in a more balanced environment (in other words, they no longer suffer), and have a chance to contribute to the battle outcome meaningfully. They remain support vehicles focused on scouting, but now they sport decent firepower and best-in-the-game speed on top tiers.


More swift and maneuverable than their predecessors, Tier X light tanks excel in close- and mid-range combat thanks to their solid gun stabilization, penetration power and damage per hit. Gun parameters don’t allow them to pick out targets at distance, which encourages light tanks to always be on the move, maneuver a lot and change positions after firing. Their guns are just a little less powerful than those of medium tanks, and have enough penetration power to pierce through side and rear armor of the majority of heavies.

With the speed to secure key positions, the camouflage to stay there, and the punch to seriously cripple an enemy, they pose a real threat to the enemy, if played well.

We hope you’re all looking forward to these new light vehicles revving their engines on the horizon. With these additions and tweaks, we’ll be getting closer to making light tanks more fun to play and relevant in battle. However, it’s up to you—the players—to let us know if we got it right. We’re looking forward to what everyone has to say.

See you in the Sandbox!


28 thoughts on “Sandbox Heads into Phase 3

  1. I don’t like the RNG. How can bc25t bounce 12 times from Emils side? And how can human being show side to tank which he’s shoting to? And how nobody else could shot to him? Just _RU things I guess.


  2. Multiuse consumable is bad because it rewards sloppy gameplay. It is a skill to use and perserve consumables and punish bad players. Why must WG make it so easy for bad players? Huh, bad players with bad genes should be slaves in the new world order.

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      1. I still can’t believe the game is 5 years old and:
        -balance is sometimes f*cked up and none cares (T67, the the new P2W premiums)
        -we still don’t have any PVE (newbies playground doesn’t count. Bots always follow the same pattern)
        -finally, only a super basic tutorial, which results in a HUGE proportion of the playerbase being clueless and playing like crap

        I still play the game, but the first and third of those lacks generate a LOT of frustration. Especially since fixing them could be done with little work.

        WoWP sucks, but their tutorial system (optionnal, but gives gold) is smart. And the PVE in WoWS is basic, but very relaxing and welcome (also nicer, for newbs, as they have no pattern).


        1. The game is not 5 years old but 7. Closed beta and russian release was in 2010. EU/NA release was in 2011 april. If you don’t count the beta time the game still 6 years old for us in NA/EU and 7 in RU.


      2. People are dumb if they cant grasp such an easy game as wot, what about even? HAH. If people are bad then they should blame themselves, not urge devs to make game more noofriendly.

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        1. WoT is easy to play, but tricky to master. If you don’t search for more information outside of the game (wiki, YouTube, forum), then you are most likely screwed because of the lack of knowledge acquired.

          But I agree a lot of people are dumb and hopeless. But some others are worthy enough to be saved from noobism (even if they don’t have time to check YT).


    1. Getting your loader and gunner killed in one hit is for noobs… people will always complain, even when changes are genuinely good. Arty rework is also great, make arty as useless as possible while still rewording them for playing withouth giving cancer to regular players.


    2. The whole world does not revolve around being good and having great stats….Its a GAME…played for fun. If you make a living from it…fair enough…but I dont. I make an excellent living being good at my job. This helps me do that. 49% er…and am ok with that.


      1. Try explaining the concept of playing for fun to the “uberpros” who need therapy and are kept under surveillance with their belts and shoelaces removed if their WR drops by 0.00000000001%.


        1. The playerbase isn’t divided in “uberpros” and “the rest”.

          I am among those stat players (sadly) and honestly, I don’t mind people getting “average” results. They are most likely able to perform their job, be helpful,…

          What annoys me is:
          -fukbot tomatoes 18k 238 45% or 1k players buying a T8 premium. These are everywhere will almost always be detrimential to any team. Where they have fun, nobody else has.
          -adepts of retarded tactics like lemmingfails, redline/base kemp, “Attack” in 2 vs 7, NO MATTER THEIR STATS COLOR (yes, sometimes, even greens/blues go retardmode)

          …because people like this widely contribute to you being steamrolled/gangbanged/whatever.
          There is ZERO fun in steamrolling/being steamrolled, even if you don’t care at all about stats.


  3. They could have learned so much from other games, which would enlarge the fun for all players (like a ladder system like in LOL with different rewards etc) – instead of this they give Murazor the tools to fuck up Tier 8 and Tier 10 in only one Patch (Idiotject 252, MAUS, TYPE 4 and 5) because this is WGs way to make the game better…

    Its so sad how often WG is going strange ways (to be kind…)

    Arty Rework and the Multiusable Consumables are good things, to be honest. I was able to try it out on WOWS – where multiusable Consumables are working quite well.
    How often you get ammoracked and Chains destroyed in one time? Or Arty Hits and Kills Loader and Gunner. WOT is an active Game, if somebody says he can plan when and whatfor tu use his Rep- or Medkit its … not gonna happen.


      1. OP or not, it is problematic and there is a reason so many people disslike it. A HE gun with 1400 alpåha and gold ammo that has no draw backs. You dont even need to aim to make 300-700 dmg on tier 10, just point and click. It is a noow wagon. They should have never nuffed armor, they should have given it better gun and mobility and soft stats and nerfed gold ammo across tier 9 and 10. Tanks dont need buffed armor, they need balanced AP and removed/nerfed/rebalanced gold ammo. But WG does it everything backwards because they are non-europan people and post sowiet ritards funding israeli zionism.


          1. O-hoe and o-nani are also problematic because they will make 200-400 dmg on any tier 8 HT without aiming. What these tanks need are proper guns firing AP, that actually encourage aiming and positioning. Same as the vk100p, the joke. It doesnt need a 440 alpha gun, it could have easilly worked with a 320 dmg gun with 225mm AP and good gun handling. How is the 105mm gun an alternative even it has bad pen, and the 128mm is overboard. WG cant seem to find the middle ground, despite “slava” said there would be multiple guns being viable on tenks, and the situation is NOT that. So much for making game better, all WG care is maming victore billionare because then the devs might get 0.5 euro increase in salary (which is alot in 4th world relarussia and cyprusnistan). Just nuke WG allreaddy pls!


  4. Murazor is a fucking joke that takes bitch slaps from accountants. So much for making wot great again ahaha. WG fail so much on balance that is not even funne!

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  5. I think WG is testing the super heavy armor on the live server and will incorporate the sandbox changes all together with a rebalance that includes a bit of the live server and a bunch of the sandbox. It’s nice seeing the super heavies being used in pubs. On the CW side of things it creates a bit of a camping problem (bit being massive).


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