Object 252U Defender Available on EU

The following offers will be available in the Premium Shop from 23 February at 06:00 until 6 March at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

Object 252U Defender

  • Object 252U Defender – Supreme
  • VIII Object 252U Defender
  • II Tetrarch
  • 2 Garage Slots
  • Bonus: 30 missions: x5 XP for a Victory
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 30 Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP for 2 hours
  • 1 Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2
  • 1 Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • 1 Large-Calibre Tank Gun Rammer
  • 25 Large Repair Kits
  • 25 Large First Aid Kits
  • 25 Automatic Fire Extinguishers



*Important: the missions in this package can only be completed on the Object 252U Defender after the First Victory of the Day bonus is used up, and will expire on 31 March.

  • Object 252U – Ultimate
  • VIII Object 252U
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 7,000 Gold
  • Bonus: 15 missions: x5 XP for a Victory
  • 10 Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours



*Important: the missions in this package can only be completed on the Object 252U after the First Victory of the Day bonus is used up, and will expire on 31 March.

  • Object 252U – Standard




28 thoughts on “Object 252U Defender Available on EU

  1. While it’s arguably hilarious to put an IS-7 hull on Tier 8 and giving it a gun that blasts enemies for 440 damage on average per shot, I’ve got a feeling Wargaming is losing the plot a bit with what good balancing is and what vehicles are acceptable on which tier.

    Recent premiums ever since the M41 90GF have all been on-par but in most cases (vastly) superior to regular on tier counterparts which is problematic in terms of balancing and general gameplay. In effect these tanks are pay to win because if you flash your credit-car/paypal you’ll receive a tank free players don’t have access to which in the most basic sense is superior to anything they can get their hands on.

    If people keep spending money on these broken OP tanks (like they did on the Patriot and AMX49), the more imbalanced this game will become and the faster it will run into the ground.
    But who am I kidding? Too many people that have too much disposable income at their hands but not enough brainpower to think through the effects of their choices.

    Just because Wargaming releases something in the game does not mean it is good for said game or it’s long term existence.
    Show some spine, show some discipline and refrain from buying these tanks!

    You might not realise it now but in the long run this is better for everyone’s enjoyment of the game as the experience will be more balanced, which will mean more players will stay playing this game which in turn will mean this game will exist longer.

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    1. I agree except for the part where you insult everybody in general buying the tank,
      I do not know think everybody buying it lacks brainpower, but certainly you do, because you won’t convice them not to buy the tank if you insult them

      In the end I do not care :) I do not know yet if I buy the Defender or not
      If I do it will be the Defender with Camo included, as it is the better offer, since the other one cost the same but lacks camo

      my 2 cents

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      1. The only reason not to buy OP premium tanks are financial and artistic. OP tanks are usually fun to play so only If you dont have the money or dont like their appearance do you have a reason not to purchase them…

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        1. Let me guess, you are American?

          That is the typical American way of thinking: “If someone (ANYONE) can make money off of something, and wont get himself in jail, it`s fine then…”

          The reasons NOT to buy this monstrosity is:

          1) Dignity:
          To show WG you are not their Pavlov dog, and that you will NOT bite on every bate they throw at you;

          2) Compassion:
          This tank will make the life of tier 6 tanks HELL. Now some of you may think that is funny. I don`t.
          I really feel bad to all the new players trying to grind through tier 6 and 7 and dealing with this;

          3) Common sense:
          Going P2W in such a brutal manner is ALWAYS the sign that a game is going downhill, and that the devs are trying to milk the cow before it dies.
          Now, if you are a rich American, then yes, you probably don`t care if you will throw another ~45$ on this game.
          But if you are from parts of the world that makes it majority, you really SHOULD think about before wasting this cash on a dying game.


          1. 1) This is a video game. You don’t have to play it!
            2) LUL
            3) Get out while you can. You don’t want to sink with the ship. Oh wait, this isn’t a ship, it’s a video game.


          2. Whilst it’s exactly the 3 reasons why I’m not gonna buy this tank, I can’t blame people for buying it. If you like that playstyle, buy it. Tanks are only OP in the hands of a player that can exploit it.

            And yeah, it’s a cheap moneygrab by WG, but I don’t think the game is going downhill. It’s had it’s best days, but I think it’s stabilizing now. EU is still going strong and the RU server is even bigger. Don’t know about SEA and only NA is going downhill. But hey, they had a Superbowl commercial, so who knows? XD

            Except for the OP premiums, WG improved a lot this year and a lot of improvements are coming. We’ll be fine, comrade.


      2. I agree.
        The tank being OP is because of WG, not because of the players.
        What would be stupid is to not take advantage of it because you have principles or whatever. Because some people will buy it anyway and the tank wont be nerfed because WG. Blaming players for bad game design is like blaming weather cast for bad weather.

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    2. I couldn’t said it better … but good deal of human kind isn’t good for anything, so they will continue with their course. PWN users fail to realise everyone else is going to quit the game. Greetings from rgt member


        1. Yep, spoiled piece of shit Westerner.

          Sure, waste your money on whatever you want. I either won`t be there, or just might grab a S-51 and poop HE on your 40 pounds.


    3. Ok. You can rest assured I won’t buy premium tanks for a while, after I confirm PayPal payment for 252 that is.

      The thing is… there was a trend with Liberte and Patriot. It was obvious whatever came out for Russia would be better. Obviously the other nations ‘patriots’ will be inferior to this beast.

      So you’d have to be pretty damn stupid to pass up on this. I’ll enjoy the game just fine driving this beast.


  2. WG went the wrong way for a year now. The premium tanks are not only better than the regular ones, but are OP as fuck! Patriot is a better T32 in most cases , Skorpion is an RHM with speed , AMX Liberte is OP , now OBJ 252 which has almost the armor of IS7 at tier 8 . Please replace IS3 with this!!! IS3 is a little kid compared to this ! The lower plate is BETTER than the UPPER plate of IS3 .

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  3. I don’t know how side scraping is on this, but I did manage to put Skoda T 25’s AP shells with ease and the guy’s sides were at a 60-65 degree angle

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  4. It’s a T8 premium 260 for all the salty people who are never going to get a real 260.

    Side note: Di… did… did WG just sell a premium tank with “a choice” of camo or no camo??… ON EU?!?!?! :o

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      1. Well the funny thing is unlike Patriot and Liberté which were a clusterfuck straight out of a child’s coloring book ; the Defender actualy looks pretty good and its special skin isnt as flashy and coloured as the two others, so this one may be worth buying with the camo for more people who wouldnt spend more on in-game camo for exemple.


  5. I’m not impressed by what I’ve seen so far, even when facing it. Most of them get 0 bounces in tier X games. As most just rape that cupola as he has 2 of them. It’s like the KV-220 of tier 8. No one with half a brain seems to go for the hull. Not seen many of them “carry” yet to show that pay 2 win aspect so many whine about vs the Patriot. So I’m not tempted to buy it.

    That said. EU finally got the option to buy a non skinned version. So I guess kudos to WG for that.

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    1. OP tank doesn’t mean it will carry games. It means it will perform over the average performance level of the player driving it. Most of the players are rather terrible. I don’t expect them to win a lot in any of tanks. Doesn’t change anything about 252 shitting on regular t8 heavies.


  6. Funny how a game is supposed to support itself on nothing and free players. No worries WG. I have a job. Put me down for one heavy tank.


  7. Everyone thinks this tank is OP because the only people they have seen playing them are good players…
    I mean ffs, good players can make the shittiest tanks in the game look good!
    Seriously, I’ve seen multiple people in Defenders get wiped out in seconds…


    1. True. I’ve farmed a couple of Defenders with my Panther II yesterday. Just get them on their reload and pump shells in their LFP or above the tracks. You’ll have to aim carefully and expose yourself for a bit to long, but with the 223 pen of the Panther II they are easy to kill if it’s driven by a tomato or banana.


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