Thunderbolt VII: Complete Stats

Russian stats:


Tier 6 Premium (Medium)
HP: 750
Engine: 500 hp
Power-to-Weight: 13,51 hp/ton
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 594,4 m

Gun:76 mm Gun M1A2 (tier 6)

Penetration: 128(AP), 177(APCR), 38(HE)
Alpha Damage: 115/115/185
Damage Per Minute: 1998,8
Reload time: 3,452 seconds
Rate of fire: 17,381 rounds/minute
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,01 seconds
Depression/Elevation: -10/+25 degrees

Hull Armor: 123/38/38 mm
Turret Armor: 177/63/63 mm
Turret turning speed: 38 degrees/second
Hull turning speed: 44 degrees/second
Max speed: 42/-18 kmph
Terrain resistance values (hard/medium/soft): 0.863/0.959/1.438

Max. load: 39 t
Weight: 37 t
Matchmaking tiers: VI VII VIII (+ matched with IV,V)

Camo values:

While stationary: 19,9%
While moving: 14,9%
While firing (stationary): 4,92%
While firing (moving): 3,68%


21 thoughts on “Thunderbolt VII: Complete Stats

      1. A jumbo with much better view range regarding that U had to choose the stock turret for jumbo-like armor.
        Ande hey, it can go faster.
        Power creep confirmed.

        But wo knows, it’s only on supertest. For now.
        And already I pitty “Fury”


          1. ofc the main force will be crom’s… but maybe 1 of those can be left to defend, dpending on the map. with all that spaced armour it can be a beast.

            ofc we need to see the mobility


            1. New valid option (at least for me):
              VK30.01D (regardeing recent buff to max Speed, turret traverse and reload time).

              Unless you want to earn a lot of money then you’ll stay on the before mentioned premiums.
              But I wonder what’s gonna happen to the Type 64 once the new light tanks MM goes live…


  1. Okay, so basically it has the same speed limit as Fury, but over double the frontal armor?

    Does this mean Fury will finally get a goddamn buff?


    1. lol i bought it, 3rd game over 5k dmg, 75k profit on the standard acc.
      Armor isn’t even that amazing when you know where to shoot but most of the people don’t know it and then you carry a whole like of t8 tanks and they pen maybe 2 shots.
      I was alone with stock IS vs Lowe, Panther II, Panther 88 and Panther (the one at tier 7).
      It was crazy.


        1. i went to a training room with another one and you can shoot the cheeks near the turret ring and many times it will trap your shell and pen the turret (i was using the cappy 200 mm pen gun from vk 45 02A).
          Another weak spot is obviously the LFP but for this 200mm pen gun wasn’t so reliable… about 1/3.
          Then you have cupolas that are super easy to hit and pen, even at long ranges.
          Ah and when they angle they will overangle it really quickly and you can perma-detrack them.

          But it is OP 100%
          I would nerf ufp down to 115mm, LFP down to 130, alpha dmg down to 390 and buff dpm a little.
          this alpha is really too much when T34 has the same DPM.

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            1. well i don’t have much trouble killing them.
              I even raped one with my KV-5 AP ammo.
              Those cupolas are legit while easy to hit and pen while Obj is standing still and waiting for that gun to aim.

              You have to outplay them and always aim at lower plate or cupolas on turret.

              I’m not saying this upper plate and alpha dmg aren’t OP … but still i don’t have much trouble killing them. Also people somehow think that it’s better to shoot the upper plate instead of view ports and then you face hug them and they just don’t know what to do.

              But those old era pref MM premiums are pretty much doomed and can’t do much.


    2. ok i playe it some more and armor really isn’t anything special… those morons who shoot the ufp are doomed but lfp and cupolas are really really easy to hit and pen so that is that.

      This alpha is OP imo and should be replaced with a slightly faster dpm and 390 dmg/shot.


  2. Turret dispersion 0,096
    Turning/moving dispersion 0,182
    These stats are so important. Please always share them (like you did this time with the Tankinspector screenshot)

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  3. So, my jumbo become under power when it compare to this thing???
    Oh WG, why u always make premium vehicle better than the regular one???
    So time to buff my Jumbo(at least stock part)??


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