WoWS Super League – Modified Mission Conditions

Info from Kandly, WG Community Coordinator:

As many of you know, we introduced an additional reward for Super League in Ranked Battles Season 6. According to the original idea, any player who reaches Rank 1 would gain access to a special mission. This mission would provide him with one Container for each battle played in the Super League. The intention of this move was to provide a nice reward to those brave souls who have fought their way to the top.

Unfortunately, we have observed a surge of unsportsmanlike conduct in the Super League. Many players decide to leave the battle after loading to get a container immediately without any actual contribution to the match. This situation clearly contradicts the whole idea of Super League missions and prevents conscious players from having fun.

In light of this behavior (and its scale), we decided to take action and change the conditions of these missions. With new rules, a Container will be rewarded only to top-2 players by XP earned in each team. This change will make unsportsmanlike conduct meaningless and protect well-doing players. We also offer an apology to fair players and hope that, when the change takes effect, their experience will be much more pleasant.

We kindly remind you that any conduct that disrupts gaming experience can be treated as violation of Game Rules. We reserve the right to investigate Super League participants battle logs and apply restrictions to their accounts if necessary.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and plan to react accordingly based on the results of this change.

Let’s support fair play and fun, especially in the honorable group of Super League participants!

Clarification by Tuccy, WG Staff:

Just to clarify few things:

  • This change is global, as the abuse was quite widespread.  That is also why the solution may appear a bit hasty – it is basically an emergency brake. It may or may not change in the future, but before we would set out to make a better system we simply needed to pull the lever to stop the current one. 
  • The basic foundation of Super League was aiming at all of you who called for a skill based gameplay and to let Rank 1 players play against each other (and may I remind that before Super League was introduced, the frequent feedback was accompanied by “even without special rewards” ;)). Unfortunately the system was not designed with abuse in mind and it would seem that the much maligned random containers are indeed a strong motivator not only to play, but also to abuse system.
  • This is also main difference to leaving battle in normal Random / Ranked – if you end with 0, 0, 0 or even low score, you get no reward – here you would. Yes, it was a flaw int he system and, again, to plug it we needed to slam the brakes hard.
  • As for possible sanctions on players found in breach of game rules – as a general rule we do not discuss disciplinary actions on forums, so do not expect any lists, ban announcements, naming and shaming etc.

Hope this helps to explain the background of this decision a bit.


6 thoughts on “WoWS Super League – Modified Mission Conditions

    1. A fair few people within WoT who are statistically better than others tend to think themselves better as a whole and turn into arsebandits, from what I’ve seen. It was bound to happen in WoWs eventually when the floodgates opened and they started letting everyone in, good and bad at playing the game and being mature.


  1. The funniest stuff is the crying about this.

    These ranked “1” guys are supposed to be great players and yet all of them are crying that now the game “Isnt worth it” to play getting crates as the top 2 players. This means these “elite” players are scared of not coming in 1st or 2nd.

    This is because while some are elite, tons and more than I have ever seen are simply grinding to Rank 1. Rank 1 is no longer about 60% players who are truly skilled and more about guys who dont have jobs or school playing 500 games at sub 49% winrates thinking they are great and “earning” a super OP ship like the Black.

    At least in WOT you actually have to be a very good player to join a top clan and only play 1 15 minute battle per night, or win 3-4 battles twice a week, to get a tank.

    Ranked has become more about OP premium ship sales and an abundance of time than skill, so these guys should be lucky to get anything on top of the OP ships and huge amounts of flags.


  2. @ SFC storm: Abundance of time is right for too many.
    TS and Discord has been working for others, one well known clan has a “No ranked match fixing tolerated” on their channels (ggwp for that).
    The other thing is the number of SIMS drivers who are running around without helping the team to win, because the XP modifier on the SIMS works so well it can guarantee their star… fivejay is a case in point.

    btw, you are aware of the bans handed out to some”top clan” players for banned “mods” in WoT?


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