WoT: 9.17.1 Coming Tomorrow (on RU)

In connection with the release of the update, game servers will be unavailable on February 22 from 3:00 to 10:00 (GMT) on 22 February (RU) (Seb: should come on 23 on EU/NA and a week later on ASIA).

The game situation on the Global map will be “frozen” on February 22, 4:00 (GMT) until 23 February 4:00 (GMT).

Stronghold battles (except for attacks) will be cancelled on February 22, 1:59 (GMT).
The clan portal will be unavailable on February 22 from 3:00 to 10:00 (GMT).

Players who have at the start of the technical work an active premium account or other temporary services (ex. camouflage), will be compensated with a bonus day of premium account and/or days of use of the service from 22 February at 3:00 PM (MSK) in accordance with these rules.


13 thoughts on “WoT: 9.17.1 Coming Tomorrow (on RU)

  1. If they introduce Obj 252 in proposed state, Im quitting this game, after playing it since beta. Its the final blow to gameplay and game balance, so obvious PWN … Im so sad cos its the only game ive been playing for years.


    1. I may well live uo to my name here but…..whats wrong with pay to play/win

      Good players can win anyway less skillful can pay… What’s the problem?

      Happens IRL all the time. I hate mowing the lawns..pay someone. We both profit.

      Trump needs a trophy wife…buy one…pay to win….

      Good looking dude with a sixpack and stunning features.. no need to pay for it…you use the resources you have to win at life….its what we all do all the time.

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  2. Byebye having fun on my Grille15

    Usually I suck on you, but we have had some good games and have gotten some TD Missions done.
    So bad that by the time I reach TD-15 Stage 4 you’ll be a shadow of your former self.


        1. Nothing wrong with that. Grille shines in open maps, doesn’t dongreat in close quarters.

          Soviet heavies shine in corridors, don’t do well on maps like prokhorovla. It’s a shame that 4/5 maps is a corridor brawlfest.

          That is mainly the reason that the new P2W premium is OP.


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