WoT Blitz: Update 3.6 – „Legendary” Camouflages for Tier X

When you become the proud commander of a Tier X vehicle and realize that you are going to ride it into battle every day, you want to make your vehicle special. In Update 3.6, you will have an opportunity to change the look of four Tier X vehicles!

Make Your Tank Legendary!

New camos are available for the American T110E5, Japanese STB-1, and French AMX 50 B. Also, the Battle-hardened legendary camouflage is available again for the Soviet IS-7.


Camouflage Characteristics

  • +2% for heavy tanks and +3% for the STB-1 to vehicle concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot
  • Cost to unlock: 2,840 gold for each tank
  • Camouflage resupply cost: (free!)

10 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Update 3.6 – „Legendary” Camouflages for Tier X

    1. I don’t want the fantasy tanks of Blitz or the pay to win skills on unique premium tanks of the console version.

      The only things I really miss on PC is the weather effects and night battles from console but hopefully things will change this year.

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      1. There is a mod for night battles. The only drawback is that it turns ALL your battles into night battles. With headlights and everything. Pretty nea though and well made. Try webium’s modpack installer. It has it in the bottom of the list. Tried it myself and it’s pretty neat. It’s very customisable. You can just get the night mod without headlights on and anything else. For some reason you also have neons. Guess the author played too much NFS.

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      2. There are many other thigs I’d like to have on PC too, the maps are all look far better not the usual 3 way corridor designs. Dinamic weather, effects, graphic of maps, enviroment, sounds are better too and the list goes on.

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        1. Oh yeah. I forgot the maps which the console players got but not the PC ones. If they are fun to play on and balanced properly I would like to have them on PC as well.

          I’m just hoping WG isn’t working on new maps currently because they are experimenting with the HD maps and once they find something which works well for all maps they will start reworking the old maps and creating new maps. There are so many reworked maps and new maps in development hell currently.


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