9.17.1: Speed Changes Video


5 thoughts on “9.17.1: Speed Changes Video

  1. TD’s is highly noticeable. But due to the hill speed bleed on the British mediums still… it’s not gonna make that much of a difference on most maps. They really need to buff the ground Resistance along with it. IMO top speed was never an issue on those. It’s how long it takes them to get it and how fast they lose it when turning that was.


    1. Centurion and Centurion 7/1 aren’t noticeably behind other meds when it comes to reaching and maintaining max speed and are not the worst either. It’s the speed hard cap that holds them back. I haven’t tried them out on the test server, but I’d think the speed buff may make a difference after all, in the early stage the most, when it’s about racing towards good map spots, which will have an important impact on the whole battle to follow.


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