Object 252U Stat Changes

-Reload time reduced from 16 to 15s.
-Increased thickness of the side hull armor above the tracks to minimize the “3 caliber rule” overmatch.
-Increased radio range to 730m (old was 440m).

Old stats


35 thoughts on “Object 252U Stat Changes

  1. so i’m actually looking into how much i could sell my WoT account for.
    cause this tank is just showing WoT is going nowhere pretty


    1. If they take WoT in this direction they’ll take sh!ts there too.

      Also they price of premiums in sh!ts is a joke look at the cost diff of tiers vs wot


  2. omfg i just noticed there is no 3 caliber rule on the turret ?!
    i dont’ care about that strip of the armor below because you can’t even hit that, so this buff won’t change much… but wth man, no 3 caliber rule on the freaking turret, that’s a freaking game changer.


  3. Actually, looking at the thing closer, it’s just a full MM 112 with slightly better gun and better frontal protection…it has roughly the same acceleration but lower top speed, the gun is comparable with larger alpha but lower DPM, slightly better accuracy but worse gun handling…the side armor is about the same except the tracks dont cover the 100mm plates as well and the lower plate is at like 5 degrees better angle and the top plate is more effective up front but about the same when angled.

    Turret is the same considering the cupolas.
    Overall it’s not that OP. About same mobility, comparable armor … engine and ammo rack have better health but higher engine fire chance … considerably worse view range by 30m. Worse radio range, slower turret but faster track traverse … imo It’s not that bad for full MM.

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    1. Same thoughts. I just watched Circon tested out the 252U, mredweird’s thoughts are spot on. However when it is top tier facing t6, it will be really OP that no other t8s can compete


    2. Obj 252U’s upper plate is way better than the angled 112’s.
      If you look at it on beta.tanks.gg you see that 112 has only about 250mm effective armor when perfectly angled while the obj 252U has over 300mm and majority of the plate is at auto bounce angle.

      If my word counted anything i would do it like this:
      Pike(110mm @64°): 250.9mm effective
      Sidescrape:(110mm @60°): 220.0mm effective
      Lfp:(130mm @53°): 216.0mm effective


      1. Actually, I can’t find an angle where the 112’s isn’t at least 260. It’s 260 even without angling.
        I did not say that the 112 was better. The 252U is better overall, but not when angled.


        1. another thing i wanted to say… at angles that where you could possibly get up to 300 effective armor on the UFP you will already overangle it and expose your sides.
          Or maybe you put your camera so low that the whole thing became unreal.
          I found the perfect angle by selecting the “live” view and angled it to the point where the side armor is still valid and working … but that is all you can get – around 260 eff.
          I’m not saying 260 is bad but it’s not 300mm auto bounce.


  4. Keep buffing it, and buff everything else where there is no end to it. I mean WG could do this forever buffing every single tank when they introduce a new tank or line. BOOM BOOM BOOM every patch or update.


    1. Paradox they created.
      Don’t nerf so that players won’t rant.
      Buff because players ranted.
      Buffed tanks powercreep other tanks.
      Buff powercreeped tanks so that players will stop ranting.

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  5. The new T22 is born, but to make sure that theres no chance to nerf it they sell it.
    I look forward fighting this Tank with an T-150 or M6 or even with a T32 with 198 Pen…

    GG WP.

    Its about time to search for an another game, where developers care for balance.

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