WoWS Q&A – 17th February 2017

Thanks to nps

„Stumbled upon an article in WG’s magazine so i’ll try to provide a poorly translated summary.

Announces for this year:

  • Russian DDs (including Smeliy, Neustrashimiy and Project 56) will get some new weapon type
  • New cruiser and battleship trees for France
  • New Pan-Asian tree with RU, US and Japanese ships


  • Bismarck hydro nerf (done)
  • No nerf for Minotaur because majority of players are only getting VII
  • BBs are above 40%, so they want to make them less universal, which might fix long high tier battles

Variants for clan development:

  1. Playing actively will provide personal and clan bonuses
  2. Continuous clan battles or tournaments, similiar to team battles
  3. Global map (not for this year)



  • Starcraft-like mouse controls
  • Removal of alt-attacks on 4-5 level CVs, because sealcubbing is too common

New premiums:

  • Graf Zeppelin
  • Roma VIII Italian BB
  • But VIII BB Alabama first
  • Removal of open-water stealth firing

Introduction of inventory (done)

Bastions nerf, no plans for removal (changed their plans apparently)”