Object 252U Defender Stats, Armor & Model Pictures

Source: Gamemodels3d

This is most likely a new premium.


34 thoughts on “Object 252U Defender Stats, Armor & Model Pictures

  1. Balancing of the tank aside, can WG please stop with these shitty uncustomisable premium tanks? Or if anything can the Minsk office dropkick the ‘marketing geniuses’ at EU who refused to sell us the unskinned versions last time?

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    1. Well.. Maybe it is customisable/partially customisable like the Berlin tanks and the Mutz.
      I think it will, as it gets the regular soviet paintjob+decals instead of the eye-bleeding paintjob we got on the clown tanks.

      Overall, I like it. The inscriptions on the gun and the 252 are superfluous, but it far from Liberté-ugly.

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      1. How do you know it gets those? I don’t see any decals at all on the pictures.

        …also, I personally somewhat like the Liberte’s paint. Probably in part because French tanks are blue to begin with. Patriot on the other hand is hideous..
        But I still would have preferred to buy it without the skin. I would have preferred all of them without.

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  2. Looking at my neglected T-34-3 and thinks: With all these OP premium tanks and buffs lately, there is no excuse not to buff this tank significantly when it finally is due for HD.

    Hang in there little buddy!

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  3. Have fun in tier 10 only battles because with the introduction of liberty patriot this thing tier 6-8 will become unplayable what you wanne do against these
    flank and shoot in sides? With canyon maps? With these being more mobile like a lot of meds?
    A lot of people will stop grinding through tier 6-8 having teams of such tanks that just runs over the absolutely outclassed basic grind tanks
    Most people will use tier 8 to get money and there are already far more tier 8 tanks around than tier 6 how about bringing some good tier 6 premiums or standard tanks into the game to at least compensate this a little or improve the fun factor of all standard tier 6-7 tanks


  4. Keep in mind that the Object 252U is essentially an upgraded IS-6 (they are a related) with a stronger hull, and bigger gun at tier 8 >_>

    So IS-6 has a same tier companion of the same development at the same tier.

    This thing should be tier 9.

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  5. some years and they ll introduce tier 8 premiums that outclass tier 10 standard tanks just to get money what a joke
    think you ll already have to use gold against this thing angled frontally
    hulldown probably even the biggest guns wont pen anyway so try he maybe
    And dont come with aim for the copula we already have had too much accuracy nerfs for this shit I would prefer not shooting over trying it and wasting credits for the gone missing shells

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  6. Head on the UFP is 350 Effective, while the LFP is 215. The UFP and most of turret is immune to Tier 10 gold spam (look out Type 5 heavy however). So as long as you can hide LFP this thing is absolute beast.Just a tad bit slower than IS3, so may be the new Tier 8 Meta.

    Power creep premiums for sure.

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  7. LOL :)) This tank is so OP … And i am concerned because so many OP tier 8 tanks appeared in game. Patriot , Liberte which pisses on tier 10 guns , now this which makes IS3 a little kid . WG starting to became even more greedy. Lame …Imagine a tier 6 tank fighting this not being able to penetrate in the side…


  8. Honestly, I don’t mind the turret armor or the UPF. I can even live with Stalinium sides and strong turret. But LFP with 205-210 affective (against AP), 215-220 angled (and angled so your side armor is still autobounce)??? That flatout retarded.

    Frontally this thing is much better armored than the new T8 VK superheavy, has better turret, sides might be weaker but they’re russian so they’ll eat shells. It’s also almost twice as fast.

    The LFP will be perfectly fine even with 120mm(~180mm effective). If you drive into the open like a moron your LFP will be penned, if you angle it you’ll bounce some shots, if you hide it you have godlike UFP and good turret with quite small weakspots.


    1. This thing is idiotproof. Long aimtime and band gunhandling isn’t even an issue, as you can sit there as long as you want to aim. Nobody can hurt you while doing that.

      The thing is: it’s a premium tank. The E5 is getting nerfed, but this thing will never be.


    2. What it needs is a massive cupola ontop. You know, like they do with all the other nations tanks that get anywhere near good armor. Kind of like that weakspot ontop of the e100 that really shouldnt damage the tank at all, but still does. Or the jg pz e100 which is easier to pen than the obj 263, but still gets a massive weakspot ontop, while the 263 move around at 50kph and a ridiculous traversespeed with its 300mm+ frontal armor. Or the t110e3 which has a fake weakspot ontop.


  9. I already regret my positive comments on the arty changes in sandbox. WG fixes one problem, but create a new one. After a lot of upcoming improvements and in the past year, WG is already shitting on his playerbase again.

    Fucking powercreep at it’s finest, at least the Liberte and Patriot have frontal weakspots and acceptable alpha, but this thing… If you angle it slightly, your LFP become like ~230 mm effective and the rest will still be autobounce. Not to mention the magical spaced armor that shouldn’t even been on the IS-3. You can’t even reliably pen this one in the side with a tier 6 tank, even if you get the chance to flank it in this corridor meta. Where’s the fun in that?

    This is simply ridiculous. Way to obvious moneygrab, pure greed.

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  10. this tank is overpowered, WG please stop this. Liberté and Patriot are already too powerful compared to their non-premium counterparts, please don’t change tier VIII games into being completely rigged by OP premium tanks


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