WoT Blitz: Update 3.6 – Vehicle Enrichment


Almost every one of you has a favourite tank—the vehicle that you fight on most often, the vehicle that has served you faithfully in hundreds of battles. Wouldn’t it be great if it could not only bring you enjoyment and high stats, but also plenty of credits? In Update 3.6, your dream will come true: you’ll be able to enrich your favourite vehicles and earn more credits in battles on them!

The enrichment option will be available on the vehicle upgrades screen. It will allow you to increase the profitability of researchable vehicles using gold. The expenses will remain the same, but the net profit after each battle will increase.

Let’s consider the effect of enrichment and Premium Account, using ten consecutive battles in the STA-1 as an example, with provisions and consumables included.

Please note that the technical characteristics of researchable vehicles are sometimes changed in order to improve game balance. Enriched vehicles can also be rebalanced, but their profitability will not be affected by these changes.

In Update 3.6, two types of enrichment will be available: temporary (for two weeks) and permanent. The profitability increases equally in both cases, the difference is only in the duration.

Temporary Enrichment

Temporary enrichment is effective for 14 days. It is available for all researchable vehicles of Tiers V-X.

  • Tier V: 2,200
  • Tier VI: 2,600
  • Tier VII: 3,000
  • Tier VIII: 3,200
  • Tier IX: 3,400
  • Tier X: 4,000

Temporary enrichment cannot be extended, suspended or cancelled. The enrichment remains in effect until its duration expires, even if the vehicle is sold.

Permanent Enrichment

In Update 3.6, some vehicles can be enriched forever.

Tier V

  • Crusader: 4,700
  • StuG III Ausf. G: 5,400
  • VK 30.01 (H): 5,200
  • Churchill I: 4,200
  • M10 Wolverine: 5,300
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu: 4,400
  • M4 Sherman: 5,000

Tier VI

  • Churchill Gun Carrier: 7,200
  • Type 4 Chi-To: 8,000
  • VK 36.01 (H): 8,700
  • M36 Jackson: 9,000
  • Nashorn: 8,700
  • SU-100: 9,000
  • AT 8: 9,200
  • M4A3E8 Sherman: 9,200
  • M6: 9,200

Tier VII

  • AT 7: 14,200
  • SU-100M1: 19,000
  • T25 AT: 14,500
  • KV-3: 14,000
  • Black Prince: 14,600
  • Tiger I: 14,700
  • Tiger (P): 15,200
  • T25/2: 15,700
  • Type 5 Chi-Ri: 13,700
  • VK 30.02 (D): 14,200
  • Panther: 15,600


  • T32: 18,300
  • Centurion Mk. I: 18,300
  • Caernarvon: 17,600
  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A: 18,000
  • M26 Pershing: 19,800
  • KV-4: 18,400
  • SU-101: 19,100
  • STA-1: 20,000
  • Indien-Panzer: 20,600
  • Panther II: 19,800
  • T28 Prototype: 18,500
  • Ferdinand: 19,500
  • T-44: 20,200

Vehicles with permanent enrichment preserve their status even if they are sold and then repurchased again.

Please note that this is the first iteration of the enrichment feature. It may undergo further improvements in future and the list of vehicles that can be permanently enriched may be extended.


14 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Update 3.6 – Vehicle Enrichment

          1. I 3 marked my Churchill GC, because it is the best fail platoon tank in the game, bring it with my friends Jagdpanther 2 and both of us can have fun… and I can feast on tears of IS-7 drivers when I pen them from the front


    1. I wouldn’t want to see it.
      First, because WGreed would probably make OP crap like the T67 enrichable, increasing even further the statpadders on randoms.
      Second, unlike a regular premium, those can still get nerfed to sh*t anytime, resulting in player’s butthurt.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They said they can nerf enriched tanks.
        So they most likely would allow T67 and OP tanks like that to be enriched ; THEN once enough people paid the overpriced feature, they would nerf it to death.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. 20,000 gold to make a tier 8 ‘premium’ and they can still nerf it, unlike an actual premium, which also costs less. Get fucked wargaming.


    1. Since when do they just nerf random standard tanks just because they can ?!
      You are dilusional if you really believe that.
      And as a matter of fact they can and do also nerf premium tanks (Type 59, SP, T-22 SR, probably more)

      Normal tank nerfing is almost as rare as the prem tank nerfing but it is logical that you see it happen more often because logic… 475 tanks in the game, from those there is 119 premium and 356 standard tanks. That is almost exactly 3:1 (standard : prem) ratio.

      Whed was the last time they nerfed a standard for no good reason ?
      All i can come up with is mild nerf to Jap HT’s because O-I (and exp), and O-Ni were OP as fuck, now there will be Grille 15 and E5, maybe something else).
      But notice how it only happens when a tank is extremely OP and never whn it’s balanced or UP ?
      All they have been doing lately is buffing tanks one after another.

      There is no need to start throwing granite cubes and ranting because there is no such thing as “normal tank nerfing for fun”.


      1. True enough, I never suggested they do it for fun though. What i’m saying is that you can pay roughly twice the price of a tier 8 ‘premium’ to make a tech tree tank premium and they are more able to nerf it. In the blitz version of the game they have stated no nerfs to premiums (see the ke ni otsu for details, sold briefly with a 3 second 4 shot clip reload for tier 7 medium dpm at tier 3). If you’re prepared to spend that kind of money you’re going to choose the most OP tank of its tier to drop on. Tech tree tanks on blitz get regular tweaks, we get far more updates than the PC version. This just seems like a bad way to spend a lot of money.


        1. Oh then sorry from my end if i misinterpreted your comment.
          Also i didn’t know they have such ridiculous rule on the wot blitz.

          I agree about the rediculous price for the permanent premium status… and the price for only 14 days is even more absurd.

          This could have been such a great additon to the game if it was possible to perma convert any given tier 6,7 or 8 tank and if the prices were 60% lower, or in the case of permanent conversion, just a little more expensive than the standard t8 premium tanks (as in up to 14k).

          I personally would be willing to convert something like T29 if it cost me up to 8k gold or amx 50 100 if it cost me up to 14k gold.

          Cheers and have a nice day


  2. *Converts favorite tanks to premium tanks permanently to afford Gold Spam*

    – Crusader
    – M4A3E8
    – Type 4 Chi-To
    – Panther

    They should bring this to the PC version to be honest… I’ve got all the premium tanks I want, I would love to convert others that I like into premiums as well…


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