– 4 New Flags – WoWS

4 new additional flags have been added this patch.


This flag is for participants of the 6th season of ranked battles. No specified rank required to earn this flag this season it seems.

Pretty self explanitory, this is the special flag that will be included in the exceedingly expensive bundles for the Mutsu (Nagato Class) T6 Premium.

Oscar Award:
I’ll be honest, I know nothing about this flag or how to acquire it.

I’ve heard no news about this flag, but I expect it to be in a valentine event which will likely be announced in the days leading to valentines.

~Shipmaster_Crook (NA)
~Feel free to share/steal this article.


7 thoughts on “ – 4 New Flags – WoWS

  1. The Oscar flag might simply be available on Oscar night, similar to the “I Voted” flag on election day…

    Or, it could have something to do with Niko’s new “Capt Bad Advise” player contest.


    1. The “I voted” flag had nothing to do with the elections, lol.
      It was related to a massive poll on the forums. Completely forget what its about. I voted in this thing on the forums which got me the flag myself.


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