Werewolves vs Vampires Sneak-peek


Hey guys!

As you know we have a pretty cool Halloween event going on in the game at the moment (more info here) However, since this is a separate game mode we also wanted to give you something entertaining in Randoms. So we did a bit of brainstorming, involved our art team, video team, live operations team etc and reached out to two of our popular contributors to create a nice little event for you for next week. Usually you only learn about these things after the fact, but this time I wanted to let you guys in on some of the details a bit earlier. Let’s see how it goes!

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Halloween event weeks

🎃In the Halloween 2018 event video there’s a teaser of the dates. Weeks 42-45.


Week 42 (next week) – October 15-22: beginning of the event, second half of the week;
Week 45 – November 5-11: the end.
In total about 20 days.