WoWS Q&A – 6th February 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU Forums.

WellDone on carrier economy:

The current economic situation with the carriers is the following – carriers earn on as much as other classes on average. This is true both for good and bad players. What carriers currently need is a higher variance of earnings. In other words, other ship types more frequently have games that earn significantly higher or significantly lower than their overall average. The myth of carriers poor earnings owes to the fact that players tend to remember games with high earnings, but oversee the lack of games with low earnings. Increasing the variance of earnings is not an easy task for game developers, but we shall succeed in a few patches.

Russian video blogger z1ooo:….h?v=Sm9LcIO5_ww

Best and worst ships in 0.6.0 based on a large sample of RU server statistics.

Carriers: With few exceptions, the carriers are usually among top three of their tier by damage, kills and win rate. This assessment takes into account players skills. The conjecture that carrier statistics on higher tiers will become worse when average and bad players reached them turned out false.

The IJN carriers are better than USN carriers on every tier. Worst ships are Bogue and Independence.

Tier 2:
Best ships: Umikaze, V-25.

Tier 3:
König Albert surpassed Bogatyr and Nassau mentioned in previous evaluations.

Tier 4:
Best BB: Imperator Nikolai I and Arkansas Beta.
Worst BB: Myogi.
Best CA: Iwaki Alpha.
Worst CA: Karlsruhe and Danae.
Best DD: Clemson (after the nerf of Isokaze).
Worst DD: V-170.

Tier 5:
Best BB: König and Texas.
Worst BB: New York.
Best CA: Königsberg.
Worst CA: Emerald and Krasny Krim.
Best DD: Gremyashchy, Kamikaze and Fujin.
Worst DD: T-22.
Worst ship Bogue.

Tier 6:
Tier 6 battleships are much stronger than other tier 6 ships, even the carriers. This is true for most tiers, but especially for tier 6.
Best BB: Arizona.
Worst BB: Warspite
Best CA: Admiral Graf Spee (slightly ahead of other cruisers).
Worst CA: Nürnberg.
Best DD: Shinonome.
Worst DD: Ognevoi, Fubuki and Hatsuharu (but both are not as bad as Mutsuki before the split).

Tier 7:
Best BB: Sharnhorst significantly leads Gneisenau.
Best CA: Belfast, Flint and Fiji.
Worst CA: York and Pensacola.
Best DD: Blyskawia, Shiratsuyu and Leningrad.
Worst DD: Kiev, Mahan and Akatsuki.

Tier 8:
Best BB: Bismark.
Worst BB: North Caroline.
Best CA: Michail Kutuzov and Atago.
Worst CA: Hipper, Prinz Eugen and New Orleans.
Best DD: Akizuki and Z-23.
Worst DD: Kagero and Tashkent

Tier 9:
Best BB: Missouri (by a large margin).
Worst BB: Izumo (the second worst tier 9).
Best CA: Neptune.
Worst CA: Baltimore (the worst tier 9).
Best DD: Z-46.
Worst DD: Yugumo.

Tier 10:
Best BB: Großer Kurfürst.
Best CA: Minotaur.
Worst CA: Des Moines (even worse now compared to other cruisers).
Best DD: Khabarovsk.
Worst DD: Shimakaze (the worst tier 10).

German DDs:
V-25 (good)
G-101 (bad)
V-170 (bad)
T-22 (really bad)
Ernst Gaede (average)
Leberecht Maass (average)
Z-23 (good)
Z-46 (good)
Z-52 (average)


22 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 6th February 2017

  1. Worst DDs Yugumo and Shima ???
    Lol this says all about WoWs-meta. Sit back 14 km in Khabarowsk and spam HE while speeding 40kts.
    Agreed on Baltimore and DM. Unplayable right now. 5 sec reload on DM doesn’t help unless enemy is <10km away.


    1. Baltimore is better than ibuki and ROON… Worse BB in tier 8 Tirpitz… Kiev bad??? Arizona best BB in T6?? lol

      Really, remove this noob list…


    1. “any other class would´ve gotten at least 50% more credits and 30% more XP for that game”
      How did you calculated that numbers?? You know that 2,5k dmg done on Shiratsuyu and 10k hp done on Hiryu gave you about the same amount of money? [~25% hp of t7]


  2. The list is pretty much accurate on older ships. But ships like Missouri are not close to the best, they simply require players to have massive investment in game and those usually are the best players, or at least have played for a long time.

    German DD are brand new and like all them have only best players chasng them.

    Also some ships like NC that posts as worst T8 BB is in fact worse in DMG and Kills but by a seriously tiny margin where as the Baltimore is vastly inferior to its others in DMG. Balti is around 30k AVG DMG vs 40-50 Avg of Donskoi and others.

    T8 BB IMO is best balanced class in game.


  3. While the overall player base performance of the ships in this list may be accurate, it fails to take into account the actual ship stats or the other effects they have in game. Sure, Bogue may do badly in terms of damage, but the AS loadout is absolute cancer to Zuihou. DM has very good AP and HE with that RoF already. Baltimore gets a lot of hate, but I’d like to point out that the Ibuki is a heap of garbage as well, and Mogami post-nerf is mediocre at best, unless you sit behind an island and spam HE with IFHE 155mm (at that point just take a Belfast or a chappy). NC is a very strong tier 8, only real weakness being the slow AP rounds.

    TL;DR stats do not necessarily reflect the actual quality of the ship, don’t be a fucking retard like Gaijin and make A6M2s fight P-51D-30s, Me-262 fight F-86s.


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