WoT – Sandbox : Artillery


20 thoughts on “WoT – Sandbox : Artillery

  1. Well, suck my cock WG – again you whores. Unnecessary changes, and absolutely pointless – you think this is some game where you can stun freeze? I can imagine how fucking frustrated will players be after that. WHAT THE FUCK!

    You know what spg need? Sound effect when you can hear that enemy spg has fired. 1000×1000 map no problem. Or add fucking perk when commaned tells you INCOMING! Make stun, ok but decrase actual tank stats by 15%. Not fucking freezer.

    Holy fucking shit!


      1. hit the campers before you advance.
        the stun makes gunners and loaders act like they wounded. so the unstunned team will have an advantage

        and before you say they can just med pack. hit them twice with arty before pushing.

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        1. In which position would you like to get stunned?

          A: Camping in the back behind cover where you are relatively safe?

          B: Advancing through an open field where everyone on the enemy team can shoot you?


          1. ah but getting stunned doesn’t mean you can’t move or shoot.

            and with cooldown med packs, since your moving, the arty will have a harder time hitting you, add to that stun decreases with the ammount of armor/ distance from impact.

            so if i get hit by arty, med pack and keep moving for the assault.
            meanwhile campers are easier to hit, and hit repeatedly cause they just sitting there


              1. then 2 things
                1. you better hope you spread out tactically instead of bunching up like a lemming. so that only a few tanks get stunned rather than all(as is all to common in game where people zerg)

                2. you can limp away and shoot back. why? CAUSE YOUR NOT DEAD unlike now.


  2. I tested it and my experience is that when your crew is stunned they still work (you can drive, shoot, reload, whatever), they only get a ~10-15% reduced stats (slower reload and so own during the stun time). Tested with Maus, might be more reduce with other tanks.


  3. I’m fine with this.
    It momentary stop advancing enemy vehicles and that’s actually helping your team.
    The consumable is what I liked most.
    Arty is not a hammer anymore just a line stunner. The rest is up to the team knowing that only 3 artsy will be max in mm after the LT tier 10 get in the live server.


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