WoWS: What WG promised us in 2011

Never forget.

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15 thoughts on “WoWS: What WG promised us in 2011

  1. Well, to be fair, a common economy still IS a promise, it has just been pushed back. They have experimented with it, by giving a large group of top WoT players a boost when switching to WoWs. Obviously, there are some hurdles to be overcome. Imagine all top WoT players jumping into tier X ships in WoWs.. Also, this refers to World of Battleships, something they arguably lived up to, but which shows that things can change five years on.


    1. If WG is delaying unified currency because they’re worried about “top WoT players jumping into tier X ships”, then it’s all the more reason to despise Clan Wars. I never joined a clan but IIRC gold is rewarded for owning lands. If that’s so, I can see why WG doesn’t want to unify gold with WoWS.

      I like the idea of 5k gold transfer because it’s better than nothing at all, but for some reason it’s only for RU players.


  2. It also promises “various tactical opportunities”. Hmmm…. Well I suppose there is go left or go right. :p

    Sorry to anyone who actually enjoys World of Boats…


  3. We just need the unifield Gold. Free xp would never work between wot and wows because the amount you can get in wows is so much more larger.

    But saying gold unify not coming because “technical problems” is a big lie since warplanes has unified gold with wot from day one after release. It seems they just want to delay wows – wot gold unify as long as they can in order to players can’t use free earned gold from wot. Buy doubloons instead.

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      1. The “battleships are op” whine aside, the game IS really centered around battleships. otherwise, carriers would dominate the game, but nope, they look like the devs envisioned CV’s to be support ships.

        I’m starting to think I was right in thinking that this game is Imperial Japanese Navy’s fleet doctrine materialized into a game. -.-


  4. So they promised that way back in 2011, huh? Well then, we will only need to wait an additional 6 years and the unified economy will be here! Yaaaaay!


    1. I don’t think so…. In 6 years from now, WG will admit that in fact unified gold is doable, but devs will be still working to overcome some technical problems ;)


    1. World of Battleships was the working name for World of Warships. The description for World of Warships still reads “A free online *battleship* game”….


  5. They did not do it in WOWP either at launch to prevent CW gold to finding their way to WOWP to early, but that block did not last long. I suspected it would not last for WOWS either. But still nothing. I suspect they noticed how popular it is, and that shared free xp and gold etc would just kill it off. Who knows.

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