9.17.1 Armor Changes – In General

Thanks to Sams_Baneblade for sending this to me.

Here are a few changes I spotted from the PTS armor models for vehicles going to HD:

Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/tog-ii#tab:model
After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/tog-ii/model

So the hull armor on the front and sides of the hull is now of an homogeneous thickness: 76.2mm, with weakspots removed. Armor on the roof and butt is now thicker, but only by a tenth of a milimeter.

AMX 38:
Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/amx-38#tab:model
After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/amx-38/model

The hull frontal armor is now 60mm everywhere, the sloped part included (it was 25mm). Turret weakspots are gone, half of the rear armor is thinner (40mm => 25mm but now with heavy slope) and the roof is softer (20mm => 15mm)
ARL V39:
Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/arl-v39#tab:model
After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/arl-v39/model

Loss of side weakspots. The armor is now homogeneous, the tumor gained 5mm armor (55=>60). It will still be shiet, tho.
Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/at-2#tab:model

After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/at-2/model

Nothing really new. The turret cheeks are no longer shootable from the front, but it won’t change anything as everybody goes for the cupola.

Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/t14#tab:model
After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/t14/model

A welcome buff. The turret cheeks and armor behind the mantlet went from 76 to 88.8mm. A 139.7mm band appeared under the gun. Roof armor at the front lost the 25mm weakspots and is now 38.1mm. Overall hull armor gained between 0.6 and 0.8mm thickness.
Not sure whether the angle on the front is better than before, but the UFP effective armor seems improved by about 20mm. Checking needed.

Indien Panzer:
Nothing changed. It only gained two track links on the front, end.

Pz T15:

Before http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/pz-t-15#tab:model
After http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/pz-t-15/model

Viewport weakspots are gone and a track link appeared in the sloped frontal plate. The mantlet covers a bit better the turret front and its armor & armor of the gun elevation mechanism is more rounded. This won’t make a heavy of this thing, tho.