wargaming.net – How did it look like in 1999?

I present you the first wargaming.net page layout, from 1999 (I was 1 year old then!)

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„Wargaming.net used to be a tanking website which featured rare WW2 tank photos, WW2 articles, and even sold books.

Here’s a link to the original 1999 Wargaming.net developed by Peter Bityukov & Victor Kislyi. (Some links may not work due to being so outdated)

It’s honestly a breath of fresh air knowing this game was intentionally built off of original tank designs and that the owner of Wargaming (Victor Kislyi) has a true passion for tanks.

I thought I’d share this with anyone who wasn’t aware of the foundation World of Tanks started on.

This game has truly come a long way, remember that.”

Source: Black_Paw, NA Forums