E-50 Armor Changes Explained

Thanks to Zedd7 for sending us this.

I think that I spotted several hidden nerfs in the HD 3D model of the E50M.

Here is what I noticed in 9.17.1 CT :
* It is taller and longer.
* The mantlet doesn’t touch the turret anymore. It means that you can now inflict damage by hitting the side of the gun.
* The UFP loses several degrees of inclination resulting in a loss of ~10mm in effective armor from the front.
* The commander cupola goes from 150mm to 100mm in nominal armor and its base is no longer inclined.

9.17.0 3D model : http://beta.tanks.gg/v0917ct/tank/e-50-m/model
9.17.1 3D model : http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/e-50-m/model

-Zedd7, a sad E50M player


19 thoughts on “E-50 Armor Changes Explained

  1. Yes, let’s not mention, that:

    – It is also lower (smaller profile, better hulldown)
    – The commander cupola has better angle now, keeping its effective armour.

    Seriously, can this community ever do anything but “They touched my tank, it’s nerf, boohoo” and instead look at the changes more objectively? I guess not. And that’s why we have a shitty balance.

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    1. You didn’t even look at the links on Tanks.gg did you? You’re wrong on both points. It’s not lower, it’s taller. Both the hull and the turret. The commander’s cupola may have a slightly better angle, but that doesn’t negate the 50mm of armor it lost. In fact, it changes the effective armor from 240mm to 200mm.

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  2. Meanwhile its frontal gun dep was buffed up to 8.

    Who cares what thickness the irrelevant hatch is when it never gets hit in the first place.

    “You can pen the side of the gun”… at that point they have side shots on you anyway.

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  3. -Dunno, people underestimate the empty space around the gun, always pisses me off in 113.

    -And UPF can be penned semi-reliably by meds now.

    -Cupola needed a nerf, kinda ridiculous how meds have them at 270 avg, while heavies are at 200s-overmatching cupolas

    – The gun now pops out from the side, making it easier to shoot.

    -Tracks cover more space, which is nice.

    – Better side depression and super armor was kind of a neat gimmick of e50m, seems like they have “normalized” the tank

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  4. And nobody mentioned the BACK DEPRESSION BUFF !
    Ok yes frontal buff is amazing, you gain -2° while on the back you gain whole -7° which is a huge deal because many times you have to shoot behind you and now you can even camp with your back facing the enemy so you can run away right after you take your shot and that is a huge deal in my book.


  5. Nobody spoke about the LFP that has now 60° rather than 65°, making the effective armor of ~200mm rather than 240mm, and the UFP also lost 2°. The turret is bigger (larger but shorter), making it looking more to the E-50.


  6. HA They nerf armor of this med, ha.

    And ofc, in same time, T62a, Obj 430 and obj 140 get buff in HD. Yea, fuck you German tank, WG fake will be nerfed.


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