E-50 Armor Changes Explained

Thanks to Zedd7 for sending us this.

I think that I spotted several hidden nerfs in the HD 3D model of the E50M.

Here is what I noticed in 9.17.1 CT :
* It is taller and longer.
* The mantlet doesn’t touch the turret anymore. It means that you can now inflict damage by hitting the side of the gun.
* The UFP loses several degrees of inclination resulting in a loss of ~10mm in effective armor from the front.
* The commander cupola goes from 150mm to 100mm in nominal armor and its base is no longer inclined.

9.17.0 3D model : http://beta.tanks.gg/v0917ct/tank/e-50-m/model
9.17.1 3D model : http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/e-50-m/model

-Zedd7, a sad E50M player