9.17.1 Test Server is Online

Download it here: http://dl.wargaming.net/wot/ct/files/WoT_internet_install_ct.exe



2 thoughts on “9.17.1 Test Server is Online

  1. Game is hanging on the “Random Battle” screen and when you try to exit that it gets stuck on “exiting” spinning cog (cock) … then you alt F4 and restart and guess what happens next ?
    You are back at “Randumb Battle” screen, stuck helplessly.

    Still I had a great look at those new HD and New tanks before i joined it and got stuck so lucky me.

    Interesting fact (that i didn’t know about) is that the new Tier 10 VK (CW tank) has 12.8 cm only.

    Also this new optional 15cm gun on Type 4/5 is so freaking P2W.
    You pay 250k credits for the full 50shell loadout of prem ammo that does way more dmg on avg than the standard HE.


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