Q&A Compilation – 22nd January 2017

Major thanks to Vladimir for this translation.

Anton “Evilly” Pankov on livejournal:
– What will the crew count in tier 10 Soviet LT be? I’m setting up a female crew for it. – Analogous to T-54 ltwt, iirc. We’ll have dilemmas about XP, crew, camo transfer, currently discussing it.
– Are LTs limited per battle? I am only seeing one per side (Sandbox).  – No.
On Sandbox, we’ll kick perpetrators without questioning. For chat as well as for team damage/killing. Just submit screens on the forum.
– Is there no automatization (report system)? – There is.
– Can you please pass on the message to change the model of the Sheridan a bit? The looks, especially from behind, kill any desire to grind it. – Already being done.
– When will tier 10 LTs come? – When they’re ready.
– Anton, did you happen to give amnesty for bot users? Three battles, and my reports are gone. More than 10k battles and around 300 WN8 – 95% sure that it’s a bot. – No, we didn’t.
– About the transfer of tier 8 LT to tier 9. It’ll be sad to leave gold camo and clan war camo on the tier 9 LT, since they are not needed anymore after the arrival of tier 10. Maybe leave camo on tier 8 LT or give some compensation? – We’ll think about it, no converters for the switch are ready yet.
– Anton, I’ve found a bug with the top tier Swedish TD. If the TD has a camo net or binocs, you activate siege mode and get pushed by an ally, the camo/binos don’t activate again, so you have to leave siege mode and reactivate it. – Yes, we’ve recieved such a report already. Fix will come in the next version.
– It was asked time and time again to auto-credit missions. – No such feature for personal missions.
– I’m afraid that trade-in will slow down or even prevent buffs for underperforming premiums, i.e. “you can just switch them”. – It will not affect buffs for premiums.
– Will there be a roadmap for honestly bad tanks like 59/Patton, to at least anticipate what to swap? Or will this be like a casino? – No comment.
– Do you want your company to do 25% or more money? Set the price of a premium month to 250RUB (4€) and the money will roll in. – Do you think that’ll help?
– So WG couldn’t into “trade-in”, greed always wins. Just fire this idiot who is responsible for your monetization. You just had to implement a trading platform to swap tanks between two players, like GabeN (Steam) and just take some small percentage off each trade operation. – We really don’t want to create black markets, so you get a “2” [bad mark] for execution. Before we throw around accusations, let’s have some facts on our hands. The author and ideologist of the feature is well-known. But I won’t tell his name, of course 🙂

Interview with producer Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin
 – We’ve added a huge wave of participants to Sandbox.
– The first iteration duration depends on how fast and well we collect player feedback, and how fast we process the statistics.
 – E-100 and Maus buff is planned.
 – Criteria for Sandbox selection are not tough. You should also take into account that if you match, we’ll look at how many players we have to add compared to current online numbers, plus the server’s not that big.
 – Currently the balancing mechanism is being actively worked on, but isn’t ready yet. The task is to set up more equal and fair teams. Also, specials/streams/etc. have to be considered, such bursts have to be handled by the system so the players don’t notice it.

Mikhail “Storm” Zhivets on livejournal:
– I am currently not explicitly working on the project [WoT].
To increase armor role, you’d have to: 1. Change damage with distance analogous to penetration; 2. More rewards from close combat visible in the post-battle screen; 3. Drastically reduce shell flight speed, i.e. shooting over distances would be very hard. – IMHO such changes would make long distance combat absolutely useless. But there are many players who like to sit back and shoot from afar. I myself am also from that type. Balancing is to be done quite carefully.