WoWS: MrConway on Arpeggio Ship Compensation


As you know, you currently do not receive any credits when receiving a duplicate Arpeggio ship, this is intended and will not change.

However, as we appreciate that effort should be rewarded, every Arpeggio ship you earn a duplicate of will reward you with an additional port slot immediately that is yours to keep!

In addition we have received some messages about Arpeggio content that is in the game client, but not part of our current mission set. Since we don’t want the enthusiasts and collectors among you to miss out on any content, we have a solution!

After the end of the current Arpeggio missions, any players that either finished a duplicate mission or earned either Takao or Nachi, will receive the three missing avatars (Iona, Chihaya Gunzou and Yotaroh) and the Arpeggio flag. 


12 thoughts on “WoWS: MrConway on Arpeggio Ship Compensation

  1. Yotaroh should be for Kirishima damm it!! I want my bear!! And also pls change the voice of Kirishima I can’t stand Iona voice on Kirishima


  2. You still did not get the port slots for duplicate Arpeggio ships on EU? Wow, there was a time when I thought that the NA server was the black sheep.


    1. NA server was the black sheep…. but EU server is sheep which was run over by a roller and now its rotten remains are just lying around so any wayfarer can look and laugh…. and maybe pee on it.


    2. WOw… I actually kinda feel bad for the EU players. Werent they the largest player base outside Russia or something??

      I guess I should kinda feel grateful for how the NA server is run when compared to how they do things in the EU


  3. I’m sorry, but this is old news, this was posted at least a month or two ago, so at best, this is a repost. Hence the wording: at the end of the current missions. They have ended on 31st December 2016. At the time that they wrote that, they also announced a time-frame for receiving these avatars, which elapsed about a week ago. We are still waiting, no further information, despite promises made. Par for the course.. Requests to reconsider the objectives, as there were too few Soviet ships around to enable people to unlock the Nachi, have not even been responded to. Needless to say I am not very hopeful at this point.


  4. Just received some stuff. It wasn’t port slots after all but reserve places. I have to say i was expecting this, port slots are like 300 doubloons……not a thing to give for free…especially more than one.

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